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  1. The fruit is so close that the plump freshness gives me a clear picture of the “wisdom from above,” reminding me of all that can and is wise. I have been reading Isaiah of late, but have been reading pieces of others’ blogs that have carried verses from James. God has been urging me to read James and, thinking I “should” finish Isaiah first, I think He wants me reading both now. : ) Obedience.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. I’ve been asking God for wisdom, too. Solomon was blessed when he asked for it and lead with such wisdom. I need it in my leading others, too. (Although I would never thing of dividing a baby, it worked!) I want to memorize the James verse. It has never stood out to me like it did today — pure, peaceful, unwavering…

    • Solomon was a man filled with wisdom, because he asked. I think sometimes I yearn for it more than I ask. Thank you to opening my eyes to the asking this morning.

  3. Beautiful! It has been a while since I have visited the Weekend Brew and linked up. It is good to be back:) Blessings to you Barbie! Love, Rachael

  4. This wisdom verse is just what I need right now, Barbie. Hard 3,5 weeks ahead of me as my husband prepares to leave to spend time with his dying mother in El Salvador, while I prepare to speak at church tomorrow, and then get things ready to leave Turkey for our 9 month relocation in Dallas. Not what I would have chosen, but this morning I’m filled with fresh hope that God is with me and will enable me.

  5. Not worried about wisdom right now, not really. As I write this it feels like I’m being bludgeoned to death. pain without relief of any kind. Morphine no longer works.

    I have faith, and I am not alone, but land sakes this is a nightmare.

    but I am here.

    Sorry for the cryptic comment, best I can do right now. Hard to write around things.

    • Oh Andrew, please do not apologize. I am praying for you and will continue to do so. You are not alone. God is with you and you are surrounded by so many who love you and are committed to pray for you.

    • Andrew, I hold you in my prayers. I know pain but not your pain. I am sorry and also know that our God has you in His hands. He cares and comforts.
      Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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