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  1. Beautiful words, Mary. I especially love these: “But I am realizing that worship is part of our everyday when we intentionally invite God to be present.” Amen and amen! A timely reminder for my Sunday. Thank you! Thanks to Barbie, too for hosting us all at My Freshly Brewed Life. Much love to you both!

    • Love seeing you here today, Julie! I love how God sends reminders to me often and then I need to be intentional to embrace the truths that He shares with me. Hope that your week is blessed.

  2. Mary, this echos so beautifully my reading from Oswald Chambers this morning. Inviting Him into our lives seems so simply, and yet it is something we must consciously do each and every day, and so often don’t. The cadence, the rhythm of dancing with Him. I love the picture in my minds eye, us as little children, our feet on top of His as He leads us in this dance of life. A beautiful post, my friend. Have a blessed week!

    • What a beautiful picture! There is nothing like watching a child standing on their dad’s feet while he is dancing. I love how these words connected with your devotional reading from Oswald Chambers. God is good in that way. May your week be blessed!

  3. I really woke up to the fact that worship is something I should do all throughout my day after reading, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Mary. I don’t know if you’ve read that book but it’s a great one that has altered the way I come to the “altar” ever since! 😉 I love your thoughts here, my friend. We truly do need to make an intentional effort to invite the Lord into our present moment and seek His face when we are sinking in fear or uncertainty. Thanks also to Barbie for the linkup!

    • I have not read that book, Beth but it sounds like a good one. I just love how happy God must be when we intentionally spend time with Him. The image of that makes me want to invite Him in over and over. Thank you for being here and joining in with your words and encouragement.

  4. Mary, I can so relate to this, as I LOVE being outdoors. When I walk or hike, I don’t listen to music, like some, because that would tune out the voice of God. He always speaks to me in the woods, or just on a morning walk. As the my rhythm joins His, it is truly worship. Love this.

    • I think we would get along great! I do listen to music many times when I walk but trust me God’s voice is still present. I love how worship looks different for all of us but knowing that it is drawing close to God is the common factor. Love having you here and hearing your voice in this conversation.

  5. How fine! Our “sync”…syncopation, syncing…in beat with the One Who gave us a heart beat…drawing near and nearer. You have given me much to ponder this afternoon. I am blessed.

  6. Mary, a beautiful post. This here speaks deeply > “…worship is part of our everyday when we intentionally invite God to be present.” My desire is to intentionally invite God to be present in my life, every day, every moment. A most powerful reminder. Blessings!

  7. Faithful are those who know Him in the faithfulness of His love. Drawing near to this amazing, mighty God takes the Spirit touching the spirit as we humbling yield in His presence. This Unseen sees, moves and invests Himself into the who draw near to Him. What a whisper of love envelopes the full measure of praise. This is a daily grasping, reaching and fellowship. It is our living water, daily bread and real manna from heaven. Without it we are malnourished, stunted in our growth and needing Him beyond measure. Oh! How I praise His daily walk with His own – the Shepard walks among His sheep. Those who walk closer to Him know it for a fact not a theory. Thank you for sharing. Blessings….Chris

  8. Mary and Barbie, I linked up with a book review this week that reminded me of our lovely little community right here. I’m thankful for this space, and for the reinforcement it provides to our oneness in Christ and our worship.

    • Thank you for the compliment Michele. I love this weekend community and the spirit of encouragement that lives here. I also love knowing that I will get to see you each week. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. Mary, WOW! My heart resonates with everything you’ve written in this post, especially, “When we sync ourselves with God, we experience a steady rhythm in our lives. When we invite this rhythm to be present, we feel a gratitude for the gifts that God has given us. Worship takes place when God is present in our ordinary, extraordinary, messy and beautiful. He provides the rhythm we need to stay in sync with Him and the rest of our lives.” Every word. So. True. Many blessings to you ❤️

    • Thank you for your beautiful encouragement. These words that you referenced are so God-breathed and such a gift from Him. I am blessed that you were touched by these words. Thank you for always joining Barbie and I here on the weekends.

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