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  1. Hello Barbie!!

    I believe in the power of healing, community, and saying yes to life and awakening to our own aliveness. In our daily work, we experience all kinds of trials. And sometimes it tells us to quit.But the Voice of Truth tells us the other way around. It tells us to do what we have to do. It tells us to move on and overcome trials.

    • Thanks for visiting. Some of the prompts have proved challenging to fit into my series, but so far, I’m on target. Have a blessed week.

  2. Thanks for this vulnerable peek inside your struggling heart, Barbie. I think we all can relate and that’s what’s great about this. You remind us of the truth that God is always with us and for us and yet show us how no one is immune to Satan’s attacks or letting our own insecurity bring us low. Thank you for that and for the linkup! Btw, I’m so glad you’re not giving in to the accusing and critical voices in your head, but trusting that the Lord loves you–all of you, just the way you are–perfectly! 🙂

  3. Truth right here, friend. His whispers to me lately have been ones of reassurance. And He spoke so loudly last weekend that I could hardly call it a whisper! So I had to write about ti in the post I linked up! 🙂 Happy Sunday, Barbie!

  4. The mind is a battlefield – and those whispers! I’m learning like you are to recognize the Father’s whispers – and ignore those whispers that don’t come from him. It is a battle! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart!

    • Oh Dawn, your post moved me so deeply. I left a comment at your place. Thank you for sharing your heart, and for allowing me to hear the whispers of His truth a little more clearly tonight.

  5. Barbie,
    I’m so glad you replied with God’s truth to satan’s lies…he’s not very original as many of us, myself included, can relate to those lies about it being too late, not being enough…Oh, for the grace for us to believe and choose to believe, again and again, God’s truth whispered in love to us…((Hugs))

      • Thanks Dolly! You are so right. The enemy knows that he has nothing over God’s truth. It’s a constant battle for me to turn my ear to the voice of truth. I corrected the first comment. Have a blessed week!

        • Barbie,
          Keep fighting as you’re growing stronger…I can tell as I read your words…praying God continues to strengthen you as you keep claiming God’s truth in faith…Proud of you 🙂

  6. Awe yes, sweet Barbie…might we obliterate the enemies lies with His truth! Standing with you in the fight for faith, truth, and the wonder-working power of His awesome, powerful love!

  7. Those whispers are like gold, Barbie, and when we finally hear them…really hear them, they are like a symphony that is playing just for me. Beautiful images to remind us the very intimate part of listening to His whisper.
    May you rest in the awe of being close enough to hear Him speaking the hushed tones of grace into your heart!

  8. Oh how I hate those loud voices of lies and deception, trying to knock us down. Too often I’ve listened to those instead of leaning in to hear God’s whispers. And His whispers are always just what my heart needs to hear.

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