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  1. Barbi,

    I can hardly believe it. I was just talking to two women today at work about the importance of community. What perfect timing to read your post!

    My small group for the past 1.5 years has been truly a God send for me and my husband. We have grown so much through meeting with other couples that are in the same place as us in life. I can’t imagine missing out on that for anything.

    The most common thread has been that when I open up and share about what I’m struggling with, someone else has a similar struggle, or has had it in the past. Connecting and encouraging each other while we face our burdens is irreplaceable.

  2. Wow – God gave you timely words. I’ve just joined a “community” of women. God called this group of women to launch a blog for His glory. Community is a blessing we often overlook. May we embrace it today! God has prepared the hearts for those that will join you here in your community.

  3. May you find peace in Him for your weary heart. When it comes to emotions and matters of the heart; those tend to be the most exhausting. Sending love and light your way. (((Hugs)))

  4. Barbie, it’s interesting that we both mentioned “embrace” in our posts today. I love what you say here: “Spread your wings and embrace as large of a community as you can wrap your arms around. And then ask God to enlarge your tent so you can embrace more.” When we share with each other and spread our wings to enlarge our community it’s almost like a warm embrace. Blessings to you!

  5. Hi Barbie I read Mary’s post last week but didn’t have an opportunity to comment. When I read both your and her words I’m reminded of the importance to lean in to God and trust Him in every step of our journey. I always admire how you are forging new trails. Many blessings.

  6. I agree with Joanne’s comment above. Your blog is a warm and friendly place, Barbie. A blessing. I’m so glad you found someone to help with weekend whispers. I will continue to tweet about this community when I link up. (I suggest you have a click to tweet box letting people know it’s a linkup.) I had a wonderful day in community yesterday with 9 writers/bloggers in the Dallas area. It was wonderful to come together!

  7. Barbie such a beautiful post and I love community. I am part of the Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible study community and well it’s awesome. I can only imagine how you felt losing your co-hostess. But we are never alone – God is with us and look what an amazing job you did with all that was going on with this post – just you and God. Thank you for this venue and sharing.

  8. Barbie,
    What a lovely post in that I was running all week too! I stumbled upon your link on Twitter, and I’m thankful. It is a reminder that God sometimes takes people out of our support system, but He does provide new supports when we ask! In moving I have discovered the blessing of friendships changing, and my heart continues to change too. We all have “heart issues.” Praying you have some time with Your Father this weekend to hear his whispers. <3 jenn

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