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  1. Staying the same is so much easier, yet in your words, sweet Barbie I hear that you long for change. You long for the kind of change that God wishes to bring about in each of us. So your heart’s desire is His, too, my friend. Trust. Open your bible and be reminded of His promises. They will come to pass, my friend. Much love.

  2. Praying for you as I read your words this morning, Barbie. Praying that you will give your burdens over to Him, trusting that He loves you and will take care of them. Praying that you find your way to living in the redemption that became yours the day you were saved!

  3. Barbie, I relate to this 100 percent. The last six weeks or so have been really tough. Out of nowhere something just clicked “off” in my mind. I want to run away. I want to hide and sulk. It’s only been in the last couple of days that I’ve even tried to sort through why I’ve been feeling this way.

    I’m with you, dear sister. I’m with you. This is definitely not a sprint. Things don’t change overnight. It’s all too often an uphill climb – but thankfully, with Christ, it’s an ascent we can conquer.

  4. Making changes or “cleaning house” as you put it are not as easy as it may seem. I struggle with fear on a very regular basis and I know I shouldn’t. I know I should be strong, bold, and courageous in my faith. God has given me the weapons to do so, but I continue to try to do things my way, rather than His. I hear your heart, friend. I’m praying for you. You have blessed and encouraged me so much over the past few years. I hope you don’t really feel that your life or your words have no meaning. I know I’m not the only one you’ve greatly poured your love and encouragement upon. (((hugs)))

  5. Your heart is heavy with carrying the junk that God will gladly carry for us. I am praying that you will be able to release it all to God that you will not remain the same but become transformed by His amazing love. Love you friend.

  6. Barbie, I’ve been feeling like this too. Living under a grey cloud yet knowing light is just beyond its borders. Straining yearning fingers to touch blue sky and feel alive again. Fatigue, illness, SAD, discouragement, pain of varying kinds and plain same old same old can make us this way. Maybe we need to keep reminding ourselves that this too shall pass? This is a pausing space, not a permanent stopping place. Meanwhile we pick up our pens, use our phones or type on the pc and give out to others the best we can. Praying for those clouds to lift soon and for restful heavenly rays of love and grace to be the mainstay of your days. Yours in sympathy. Blessings and love. Xx

  7. God is changing us, isn’t he? Yet that is hard to trust in when we feel like we can’t see those changes. I’m parked in the 9 spot this week.

  8. I know my heart is not the same because of gifts I have learned from you. Your gracious heart for encouragement demonstrated to me how to engage in the community of bloggers. I’m grateful for that, sweet friend. And though we are often discouraged by the things we hope/want to change…God is always working. May God show you His ways in this area of discouragement in your life. May he show you his paths that lead you to the next steps. Blessings, dear one.

  9. Barbie, your longing for change is obvious in your words. There is one thing I hope remains the same – your transparency. You bless many as you share. Blessings and a hug to you this morning!

  10. I hear you on this one…for me, there’s the dread knowing that tomorrow it’s just going to hurt worse, and there is nothing I can do too arrest the slide.

    Well, one thing. I can still type, and still reach the computer, and I can encourage others in any way I am able.

    Doesn’t make the pain go away, but it does make meaning come drifting in the door to settle, a bright butterfly, on my heart.

    And you do the same thing. You have encouraged me in more ways than you will ever know, Barbie.

    I like you just the way you are.

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