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  1. I love the words you paired with the pictures in this post.

    Fall has become one of my favorite seasons. It’s a cozy season and I enjoy the cooler (but not too cold) weather, leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice everything, and my boots! 🙂

    Been thinking of you with your homeschooling journey and also your full-time work load. Many blessings to you, Barbie, with the coming of a new season.

  2. Oooh, surprises, I like surprises. Look forward to hearing about the changes. 🙂
    Ya know, autumn is my favorite season too, but this year, my heart wants summer to stay a little longer. But, your post puts a little excitement in the air for me too. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the beauty of fall, because it’ll be gone as quickly as summer was. ((Hug)) <3

  3. Fall is my most favorite season! I love the cooler air, the colors, the breezes, the need for wearing sweaters, making soups and homemade lattes and hot chocolate, and I could go on and on. It’s a beautiful time of year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts!

  4. Praying for you, Barbie, that you would catch all sorts of glimpses of God’s goodness and glory! And every once in a while, treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I will too! I do love the fall and cooler temps as well! Thanks for the linkup, my friend!

  5. Barbie…Fall is one of my favorite seasons as well. This morning I went outside to water my garden and there was a chill in the air. However, it got really warm as the day wore on. I am looking forward to colorful leaves, cooler temps and more baking. Thank you for hosting. Praying you have a rest-filled week.

  6. Wasn’t this California weather this week crazy hot! Humid! You must be in a part of CA that changes seasons, I’m in Southern CA…so reading your blog brings forth that longing I have every fall..the changing color of the leaves somehow in my blood after a childhood back east..I can at least get a Pumpkin latte, though! Beautiful musing on autumn! Blessings!

    • It was way too hot for me this past week. Today the temps changed drastically and it was overcast and cool. I live in Northern Cali, in the Bay Area. Thank you for stopping by!

    • Love Crockpot soups and Taco soup! There is something so comforting to coming home to a bowl of freshly made soup. Thanks for stopping by Dolly.

  7. Barbie, I love autumn/fall for its glorious beauty, but hate the darker, colder days too. Mixed feelings and dealing with SAD accompany its onset. Change seems to disturb me more these days. I feel unprepared to relinquish summer and move on. Yet my heart echoes your words here:”Even though I’ve been feeling all sorts of exhaustion — mentally, physically and spiritually, I want to look forward with anticipation to all that this new season will bring.” Amen, how I want that too! Thank you for sharing how I feel and showing me a way ahead. Hope is the thing I cling to in this season. Maybe I should seek some creature comforts too! 🙂 x

    • Joy, I completely understand how you are feeling in this season, and not wanting to let it go. And I so identify with SAD and how that plays with my emotions. I’m clinging to hope right along with you!

  8. I love your post today! Fall is my favorite season as well!! I love how blue the sky is on sunny days with the right color splashes of autumn leaves which will appear here in Ohio about the second week in October. Going to the orchard for the fresh new apples and sipping cider is wonderful as is Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I am not a huge fan of high temps and definitely not high humidity so I tend to have more energy on cooler autumn days.

  9. I too look forward to fall – no more humidity in the SE and the burst of colors. And maybe I’ll treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice! Change can be scary and unnerving so all the more reason to lean into Him. Hugs!

  10. Suspense! Nooooooo! I can’t wait a week—but I trust you if you say it’s good, it’s good. BTW, I’ll tell you a little secret-Starbucks can sometimes make those special drinks all year round IF they have the syrups, etc. They don’t just make what’s on the board. If you ask, they sometimes have it. But then again, Pumpkin Spice just doesn’t taste the same in spring or summer. I just love everything pumpkin! I think I like fall stuff more than Christmas stuff–maybe because Christmas has become so commercialized. Okay, leaving the soapbox now! Sorry.

    • I can actually get my Peppermint Mochas all year round, as long as they have the syrup. I totally understand about Christmas becoming commercialized and you embracing fall more. Sadly, I am already seeing Christmas things in the stores. Yikes!

  11. I find that I have more energy in the fall, and I’m wondering if it’s connected to your thoughts on newness. It’s a new season, a new school year, a new beginning of ministries I’m involved in at my church. In spite of all past failures and disappointments, God gives another chance. So thankful.
    Barbie, blessings on your week, and thanks for persevering here in this warm and friendly space.

  12. Barbie, I noticed the changes fall is bringing this week as well. Amazing how all of a sudden it is before us in all of its glory. And may that be true of the changes in your life as well – may you see His glory in the changes! Have a blessed weekend!

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