Embracing Life’s Transitions // Week Three — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Barbie for giving yourself and others permission to grieve. If we don’t grieve we can not truly heal and then we become half functioning people who can not be fully alive to God and others. Pain is difficult to feel but it is important to allow ourselves to go through it. Jesus himself was a man of sorrow and grief. I am so grateful that He feels the depths of our sorrow and loss with us and that He brings trustworthy people into our lives who can support us when we go through seasons change that bring loss. Love you BB

  2. This is powerful and comforting, Barbie. To allow ourselves to grieve the losses due to change. To bring all our emotions, even anger, to God. I, too, think I’m hardest on myself. I beat myself up that I can’t “get over it” and move on. That, like you, “I can’t seem to move on into a place of joy and living again.” And I know I still need to work at grieving the loss of some dreams. Thank you for all this encouragement!

    • Trudy, I am so thankful you are being encouraged through this series. Give yourself permission to grieve. Healing will come. Hugs!

  3. Amazing how many changes can happen to a man. More amazing is that sometimes, we have similar experiences but the change in us could be different from one person to the other. Only God never changes.

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