Embracing Life’s Transitions // Week Two — 5 Comments

  1. Barbie,

    Thanks again for this book study! I love the book and it is *perfect* (HIS perfect) timing! As I’ve shared my current season of life in the comments here and on your FB page, I won’t go through it again.

    Over the years, I have learned to embrace change and have learned the lessons Kristen shares. (She articulates them so well!) With this last big change over the summer and relocating to Maine, I actually went into it thinking positively and openly. I had to believe that God was completely in it and in control – that this is what He wanted for our family. So, as with our other moves, I expected to see His hand all over it. So I actually started a journal – my “moving journal,” – just to record ways I saw Him working and praises. I like to think of it as going into it with “my eyes wide shut!” In other words, I just shut my eyes and jumped, but kept my eyes wide open to see God in all of it. I knew that going *through* it was all I could do…and I knew from experience that there was/is likely a purpose…so I’m actively seeking it! I’m like, “Let’s just get to the bottom line, here, please God!” …but at the same time, I know that’s not how He typically works. What counts is in all the lessons, character building, revelations about Himself, and drawing me to Himself while going *through* things that He cares about most.

    I can say that it has always been the times of being thrust into unexpected change that has brought me closer to Him. In God’s “upside down” kingdom, what in reality would look like valley (low) circumstances, have actually ended up being my mountaintop (high) experiences. So this time, maybe I’m trying to pull God along faster, hurrying down the path because I want to see what’s next!

    I’ve already seen answers to other prayers I had been praying months and months ago be answered by this move. Other things are turning out a little more stressful. But again, I’m being taken deeper and deeper into relationship with God. In the wake of the outward relocation, I am working through deeper questions, lessons, and spiritual growth stuff.

    Thanks again! (Your new site design looks great!)

  2. “Change is not the end” that’s so true, Barbie. I’m a lot more open to change since the event that rocked my world three years ago. I pray that as you move through your change you will be able to look back and begin to see the evidence of how God is growing your faith, too. Have a blessed week, friend!

  3. Barbie,
    Thank you 🙂 We’re going through an unexpected season now but I know God is in control and even though change is hard and painful, I trust the God of resurrection will bring good out of this…blessings to you 🙂

  4. I love the Biblical stories you bring forward, Barbie. I hope that with all the changes God is putting us through right now, I may look at the “good, gentle and gracious God” behind it all. Thank you for this encouragement that God has our good in mind. My husband’s work is slowing way down, and it’s scary not to have enough money coming in to pay the bills. Blessings and hugs to you!

  5. Right now, I’m walking through a season of boys coming and boys going. Setting the table for four and then finding out that I’m going to be feeding nine. Last weekend, I caught myself forming the irrational words, “I don’t mind unexpected company. I just wish I could know about it in advance.” Hmmm.
    I’m realizing from my irrational thinking that it’s AFTER we survive the change that we learn the lesson. I can’t take a shortcut AROUND the change and come out with the same insight that I would get from trusting God through the process of acceptance and . . . making more hamburgers.
    Blessings, Barbie!

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