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  1. This will be the second year I’ve literally left the month of December “uncommitted”. I schedule our school year so we can take off the whole month, if we choose to. I plan to buy less, give more of me and rest a lot! Praying you find time to rest and rejuvenate, Friend! Hugs!

  2. Your words spoke to my heart, Barbie. Oh rest. I struggle with taking a break from doing so that I can just be — but when I do let go and rest, it is so refreshing. Those moments to just be still and know…they nourish my soul.

    The fruit of rest — that thought will stick with me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been thinking how I need a “getaway” – but then I realize when I returned – that getaway would have only been kicking the can down the road. God is wanting me to learn to live refreshed in the midst of this oddly fulfilling and tiring season. It’s allowing me to see that it’s time to “retire” from somethings and move into something new a different – not with my writing – but with what I do with the rest of the living in the daily. I feel like I’m getting ready to be excited – but it’s so new an idea! Shalom, Barbie – be rested, be filled, be refreshed!

  4. This is what God has been saying to me too, Barbie, but I can’t quite figure out how to do that or what it looks like given my life. 😉 But I’m grateful for your encouragement in this direction. We all need to rest more in the Lord–even if we aren’t slowing down our pace. I suppose that’s the place I need to start! Thanks for the linkup, my friend! Enjoy your weekend!

    • I struggle with it too. With work, family, homschooling, etc. it doesn’t appear there is anything I can let go of. I’m asking God for wisdom and that He will show us both His plan. So thankful to have you at the Weekend Whispers link up Beth!

  5. Oh, as you well know, I feel you honey…totally! I adore this post and that painting is just perfect. Rest…Reflect…Be Still…. Love & Blessings to you…always

  6. “His desire is that I would rest in His presence, reflect on His goodness and be still and know that He is God.” I love this thought, Barbie. Thank you for this encouragement. My busyness is mostly in my thoughts – chaotic with worry and whispers of “not enough.” I need to learn to rest more in God. I’m sorry you feel so exhausted. I pray God will give you peaceful rest in Him.

  7. The fruit of being still, resting in Him. I’m definitely entering a season of reflection, after a very busy, chaotic year. I love the soft yellow glow that surrounds your tree, Barbie. It speaks warmth and calm to my soul. Sabbath blessings, friend.

  8. In this time of season of my life my mind wanders from idea and thought one to the other. I find it hard to focus and stay there even with in my prayers. I have very little time to myself as i am sure all of us are in the same thing, but then it is hard to settle and focus to hear him speaking to me a nd to get into his word. Any good suggestions are welcome.
    God Bless

    • Dot, I understand the season that you are in. One thing I try to do is focus on quality and not so much quantity in my devotions. It’s been hard to absorb larger portions of reading, whether it be a devotional, the Bible or another encouraging book. I would say small portions and then just allow God to absorb that into your heart as you go through your day. Love you my new friend. Hang in there.

  9. Barbie, we are on the same page today, friend. I’m just now realizing that the last year of my work life has been traumatizing to me and now that I’ve changed responsibilities, I need to take the time I need to recover. It’s a slow process. But one that I’ll have to repeat if I don’t heed the Lord’s call into rest and quiet and recovery. Thanks for this reminder today! xoxo

  10. These words find an echoing ‘Amen!’ in my heart: “He is calling you to bear the fruit of rest.” We may not see the fruit yet but it will appear if we are patient and faithful in the waiting process. Thank you, Barbie. Your words reflect the way God is speaking to me too. . This season our souls want to slow, sit and savour awaiting our Saviour. Yet life’s persistent tug threatens to pull us into busyness. Praying for you, sweet friend. You will receive all your weary soul needs in the stillness. May He bless, refresh and restore you as you rest in His presence and lean heavily on His bountiful grace. Our God is faithful. Xx

    • I am so thankfully you were blessed by reading Joy. Let us both lean in deeper into His presence in this season and rest. Thank you for stopping by.

  11. During the fall and winter seasons, trees always manage to garner my attention. It’s amazing to see the changes they go through. Much like ourselves we have seasons of growth and times were we look barren. But both seasons are vital to our growth. May we each have the grace to savor the season we are in because oh how they do eventually change.

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