The Favor Of The Lord: Not To Be Confused With “The Easy Life” // A Weekend Whispers Guest Post — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you, Lisa, for this timely and beautiful reminder that we never lose God’s favor through whatever our circumstances are. May God be with you and your husband and give your strength for each day!

  2. What a lovely post. I loved this part Laura wrote, “His favor has given me a place to dwell, up close, protected in the cleft of His Rock where I have opportunity on a daily basis to glimpse His glory.” This year will be an adventure as God reveals His favor. What a great word for 2016!

    • Thank you, Ginger, for stopping in to take a few minutes out of your day to read and participate in the discussion. Thank you for your encouragement! The journey with Jesus is always adventurous…for sure!! I bless you with abundant JOY on your journey with Jesus wherever He may lead!

  3. I want to have the same attitude that you are striving for, Lisa. In fact, my quiet time this morning was on Phil. 4:10-11–the contentment verses. If Paul could learn to be content while he sat in a Roman prison awaiting his execution, I can certainly learn to be content in the circumstances I am facing. Thanks for reminding us of where to find our contentment and joy, my friend. Love your words and will pray for you and your hubby in this scary season of life.

    • Thank you, Beth, for taking time out of your day to read and comment here in Barbie’s space! And thank you for your encouraging words and prayers for us. I appreciate your vulnerability to enter the discussion. It is a choice isn’t it, contentment? It is a choice. However, I am finding I am more eager to reach for contentment when I am actively believing God’s goodness toward me. I bless you, dear Beth, with a deep, abiding reality of God’s goodness toward you!!

  4. This–> “The favor of the Lord has not meant the avoidance of difficult circumstances. Rather His favor has given me a place to dwell, up close, protected in the cleft of His Rock where I have opportunity on a daily basis to glimpse His glory.” Beautiful and exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thanks so much!

    • Holly, thank you for stopping in and I praise God He met you here with the words you needed to read this morning! I love how He provides us with all we need as we are seeking His face. I bless you, dear Holly, with your secure abiding place in the cleft of His Rock…where you will glimpse His glory!!

  5. This is such a wonderful post. God’s favor, so much a huge part of our lives…understanding that being in his favor does not mean we will be sheltered from difficulties, but that we will be given strength to overcome them is so important.

    • Mitzi, thank you for taking time to read and comment in this space. Thank you for your encouragement! And I bless you with JOY of abiding in God’s favor and your up close view of His Glory!!

  6. Thank you for writing and sharing, Lisa. Favor is one of those words that sounds like no suffering and sometimes, I want to kick the idea of it to the curb, but I love the wisdom you share about it. Favor gives me a place to dwell in the midst of difficult circumstance. I needed this reminder.

    • Jamie, thank you so much for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read these words. I am grateful to the Lord He gives us words to share with one another for edification and to build up His body! I pray blessings of His favor in the fullness of His goodness upon your life. Lisa

  7. Lisa, I love this post and how it reflects God’s hand on your life and the things He wanted to teach you this year. Those words we receive seem to grow in significance as time passes and we see into the depths of their personal application for us. These words have been true for me too as I’ve been called to ‘rest’ in Him this year more than before; “His favor has given me a place to dwell, up close, protected in the cleft of His Rock where I have opportunity on a daily basis to glimpse His glory.” Amen! We may not know what the year ahead will hold but we are always kept safe and protected as we dwell close to God. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words on Barbie’s site today. Bless you.

    • JOY, thank you for these words…Those words we receive seem to grow in significance as time passes and we see into the depths of their personal application for us.
      It does take time to see, and for me, asking a lot of questions! I’m studying through James right now. So, count it all JOY, sister, as we face various trials because the testing of our faith produces perseverance…and when we’ve stood firm through the tests, we will receive the Crown of Life! Bless you, JOY, as you rest on your Good Shepherd!

  8. Encouragement that leads right to the habitation of the Holy One, waiting upon Him to shield and protect us in each and every moment…. to comfort in the difficult, embrace in the loss, and most importantly as a companion of hope in all the blessings. Beautiful words, Lisa. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Thank you, Dawn, for taking time to stop in, read, and comment. Thank you for your encouraging words of affirmation. It is a beautiful God ordained thing that we in His body who do not know each other get to meet in places like this to edify one another! I bless you with the comfort of Holy Spirit and the protection of His Hand as He covers you. You will see His Glory!

  9. Lisa, these words are so in tune with my experience of 2015! We really don’t get to write our own ticket and then call it God’s favor. Mary’s “yes” to God ushered in a life of ridicule, wondering, and a “sword to the heart.” Why would we expect any less?
    Thanks, Barbie, for generously sharing your platform here so that we are introduced to such fine thinking and writing. I have had you on my mind this morning, in my basement school room as a plan for the upcoming week. Trusting that all is well with you!

    • Thank you Michele. I love having company over. School has been a hard transition. I hope to blog about it soon. But we are hanging in there.

    • Thank you, Michele, for your encouraging words. I find it so helpful to know others are on the journey. I’m not the only one trying to dig deeper into the things of God, His Word and the meaning of the way He has made for me. Thank you for taking time to read and comment here. I bless you with the JOY of the Lord through this beautiful Advent season!

  10. Lisa, you have touched on a subject that is often misconstrued in some circles. Who doesn’t want God’s favor? Yet as you have pointed out it is not without cost and favor does not always place us in the most favorable circumstances.

    • Wanda, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my thoughts on “favor”, and thank you for your comment. For the first quarter of the year or more, I tried to avoid telling anyone my word. It felt awkward, and I was afraid people would think I was bragging. I’m grateful for the tension of the word against circumstances because it was the tension which pushed me back toward God’s Throne of Grace seeking answers.
      I bless you, Wanda, with the wisdom and grace of the LORD in the every day stuff of life!

  11. Thanks for sharing this. It’s so true- God’s favour does not mean we won’t have difficult circumstances but it does mean he is with us in them and that he has a plan to work through them. I love the image of dwelling with him, hidden in the cleft of the rock.

    • Thank you, Carly, for taking time out of your day to read these words on favor! Your words are an encouragement to my heart. And so, I bless you as well with the JOY of the LORD, which is your strength!!

  12. I truly get this. Being terminally ill sucks, but it this rather unpleasant place I have found my true calling, the best way I can reach out to people by witnessing that there’s always hope, if not for survival, than for…well, the opportunity to show that life can still be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.

    Right now it hurts more than I can say, and I’ve run out of options to control this, but my One Word is, nonetheless…


    Pain isn’t fun. Life is. Dance!

    • Andrew, I am sad for the difficulty of your circumstances and for the pain the circumstances cause you, and yet I have to say “hallelujah” at the same time because your circumstances have brought you to embrace the joy of living and serving God with purpose and hope! I love the snoopydance imagery!! Keep dancing…head up…eyes on Jesus!!
      I bless you to receive fully from Holy Spirit all you need to persevere and you will win the crown of life!!

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