When Your Grown Up Christmas Wish List Seems Hard // Featured Guest – Karrilee Aggett — 20 Comments

  1. It’s so helpful to reflect on what we REALLY want for Christmas and to remember as we do that what we ultimately long for is Christ Himself. Thank you for these powerful reminders that Christ can do and has already done the impossible. I always love your preaching:-)

  2. Thanks Barbie for hosting the wonderful Karilee! Karilee this such a wonderful post, love this…”God showed up – and showed off… and He is showing Himself off all around us, if we will but look and listen!” such a great reminder to slow down during this busy time of year. I posted a similar post the other day (love when God does that).

    • Tobi, thanks so much! Yes – I love that we have a God who shows up and shows off in all the best ways – and that He loves to confirm His word to us! Here’s to a bit of slowing and counting gifts that are too great and full of wonder to fit under a tree! xoxo

  3. Love you friend! So fun to see you here in Barbie’s space. I too long for peace on earth and goodwill to all men! Our wavelengths were very similar this morning…a God who guides our feet into the way of peace..a peace that only our God can provide. And yes, nothing is ever impossible with God. It is so easy to forget that sometimes.

  4. Beautiful words that bring to mind Psalm 19 — The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies show forth the work of His hands.
    The wonder of Jesus is right there before my eyes all the time. I’m just more aware of it during the Christmas season, and the truth is that I should be spellbound (like Simeon and Anna), waiting for ANOTHER advent which will be even more amazing than the first!

    • Yes and Amen Michele! I love that you brought up Simeon and Anna – two of my favorites in the Christmas story! Waiting in wonder… believing for impossible things with you! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Beautiful post, Karrilee. I was drawn to read the post as it reminded of Amy Grant’s song, “My Grown Up Christmas List”, which is a favorite of mine 🙂 My “list” has changed much this year. One thing remained the same – I want more of Him in the coming year! And thank you Barbie for sharing your space. Blessings to you both! xo

    • Yes and Amen, Joanne – that always remains at the top of my list as well! Thanks so much for stopping by! Believing with you… for more of Him – in us and through us and all around us! xoxo

    • So good to know we are not alone… and wonderful to have the freedom to not pretend, amen? Thanks so much, Mary! Believing for impossible things with you! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  6. Thanks Barbie for sharing Karrilee’s brilliance with us.
    I couldn’t agree more, Karrilee. God’s standards are far different from us. What’s impossible to us is nothing to Him. Our God is an awesome God.

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