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  1. I did not know the full story about Lynn’s knee until I read through your GoFundMe updates and some of your blog. (That’s what I get for not keeping up in visiting blogging friends for a year!) I can totally empathize with you on so many levels. Our prayers will be doubled for him – all of you – that this can somehow be resolved! We serve a BIG God… He is greater than anything we might daily have to face. Sending you a big cyber hug and many, MANY prayers, my friend!

  2. Barbie….I knew it was a rough time but I didn’t understand until I read more of what ya’ll are going through. I am so sorry. I am praying for your family, your husband’s healing and for God’s hand of provision during this time. Thank you for still sharing and not going dark during this time. It’s hard to share during times like this – satan would love to make us overanalyze and think we can’t share for fear of many things. But I thank God you are willing to still share in the midst of your struggle. The light will shine forth in due time. Hang in there. Praying for you.

  3. Barbie, I’ve been emotionally bankrupt; physically bankrupt, but you are truly going through a Job season. And I don’t want to be one of his awful friends so I just want to say that I love you and want you to know I am praying for you.

  4. I identify with your winter season. Sometimes it feels like winter is my only season. Some days are good, and then some are just plain hard. I am finding it hard to write about, but I so appreciate your words here.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about you and your husband’s struggles, Barbie. I had no idea! Will add you to my prayer list. Please continue to let us know how you and your hubby are doing in the weeks and months ahead. It is so great that you are being vulnerable and real about your struggles. Many, including me, are warmed by it!

  6. Barbie, I’m praying for you right now. May the Lord cover you with His grace and draw you to Himself. May He provide every need you and your family have. Oh Lord, extend your healing hand over Barbie’s husband.

    It has been a long winter for you, friend. I am so sorry. Praying that the Lord will comfort you. You are holding on, and that is an amazing victory. You’re a testimony.

    • Thank you so much Betsy. At times I feel like I’m holing on by a thread, but yes, I’m holding on. I know He promises to bring us through, so I will stand firm on that promise.

  7. I think your faith shines brightly, Barbie. When we are in the wilderness, we don’t always “feel” faithful, we are too overwhelmed with dryness and despair at times to realize it is our faith in God that is supporting us and bringing us through. He is faithful in all things. The cries of your heart do not go unheard or unanswered, beloved.You may not see it now, but when you look back on this time in your life you will see that His presence was profoundly surrounding you and your family. Do not loose hope, my friend. Deep prayers are covering you this night.

  8. Oh Barbie, my heart aches for all that you and your family are going through. Praying for healing and God’s provision for you, and that God will show his love and power to you in such a real way. (((hugs))) and prayers, my friend.

  9. Barbie, you are loved my so many, and by the One Who created you. I thank you for sharing your life and your story with us through your words. God is using you for His glory and for His purposes. I pray God meets you right where you are at this very moment. I pray He reveals Himself to you in a very intimate way. I pray you feel His loving presence. And I pray He continues to provide for your and your family’s every need. You are His. Much love.

  10. Barbie, I’m so sorry for all the hard things you’ve had recently. I pray that your husband will find some relief, that God would give wisdom and healing, that He would be near and comfort, assuring you of His presence even when it’s so hard to see. May he bless you abundantly!

  11. Barbie, please don’t hesitate to bare your brokenness here or allow for soul transparency. It’s what helps other to feel less alone with their wounds, doubts and fears. And it’s what draws us back to read your honest words and have an opportunity to turn our concern into prayer. Think what you (and we) might miss if you were more circumspect. Saying that, I want you to know you are not alone in sitting with heavy feelings of sadness in this season. It’s far more common than we realise, although each person’s circumstances may differ.
    My heart aches for your pain and I long for the Lord to step in and make all things new for you. But I also sense that when our faith feels smaller even than a mustard seed, we can so easily forget that it’s the size of our God and the redemptive power of the One we have faith in that matters most, not how tiny we think our faith may be.
    Rest in knowing His love for you is infinite, as is His compassion and care. And sometimes God chooses to reveal that not in feelings but in provision from others in the form of prayers, support, encouragement or financial gifts. I’m lifting you to Him and asking for your heart to be held tenderly in awareness of being His beloved child, for grace to cope while life looks bleak, and for strength and hope to rise as you place your faith (of whatever size) in His ability to see you through this. Our God is faithful to His word. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear friend.

  12. My heart breaks for you, Barbie. I am glad you are so transparent. It makes me feel less alone. May our hearts open to God’s whispers. Praying for strength, peace, and healing in every way for you and your family!

  13. Love and prayers to you in this season of difficulty. When we discover that God is all we have we see that He is truly all we need. Praying today you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and your trial will be a testimony to bless others. I don’t believe God puts things on us but He can definitely use it for His glory! ♥

  14. Barbie so sorry you are in this winter, but Spring’s a coming and as a wise man once told me “this too shall pass.” Lifting your family in prayers. My niece recently recommended a natural product for knees at Christmas because my husband has been having problems. We picked some up at Sprouts. My SIL was also having problems and we told her. Both she and my husband had immediate relief and my niece. It probably is not as serious as your husband’s, but it worked. My sister in law said she is going to order some cheaper on line than it was at Sprouts. It is called No. 7. I think it was $30 for a 90 day supply. It’s worth a try when the other stuff is not working. HUGS to you!

  15. My head tells me that God is good. My heart cries, “show me your goodness, Lord!”
    I could have written these words myself!!
    Oh, Barbie, I read your blog often but have not commented in so very long!! My prayers are with you sweet friend!!

  16. Dear Barbie. I cannot imagine the entire scope of loss which you have and continue to experience. It truly has been a long winter with one storm on top of another. I pray that our God would supply all your needs. That our God would strengthen you, pulling you out of the anxiety & depression. May He bring assurance of His Presence there with you & display Himself in your circumstances. Blessings.

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