Making My Heart Expand // Featured Guest Writer – Robin Duncan — 13 Comments

  1. I love this post. Jesus living in our hearts can’t help but expand them, right? It’s so easy for our hearts to be closed off and kept “safe”, but then we aren’t living His calling for us. God opened my eyes to the busyness of my heart and how I needed to make more room to hear Him and so I take a Sabbath every Sunday–no computer, phone, internet, NOTHING! Just me and the Lord…oh and my crazy, chaotic, silly family!

    • Thank you Christine. You are 100% right. I, too, am busy and have a very hard time slowing down. I like your practice of intentionally taking the Sabbath. Something for me to strive for. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a day full of the Lord’s goodness!

  2. Love that quote by Corrie Ten Boom – that’s one I’ve never heard before. Yes, we can know a lot, but how we really feel is measured by the heart. I also liked the reference to the disciples – their hearts burned within them. And yes, I have experienced that heart expansion many times, usually as a result of being STILL and listening!!!!

    I appreciated your message, Robin, and thanks, Barbie, for sharing on 31 Dayers!

  3. When my children are good to each other – and when they don’t realize I’m listening or watching – that is what makes my heart expand. Those in-between moments, a sibling reading to the other, my son whistling as he takes a bath. Heart melting. I feel grateful for them and thank God for the privilege of being their mom. Lovely post, Robin!

  4. The thought of the deep, unfathomable love Jesus has for us expands my heart. That He would even suffer such agony and die in our place is beyond amazing. Thank you, Robin and Barbie.

    • Oh Trudy, I love the way you put that…”the deep, unfathomable love Jesus has for us…” I love that! It’s so true!!! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart with me. May the Lord bless you.

  5. What a beautiful reflection on our hearts, Robin. So good to meet you here at Barbie’s today. I like your friend’s expression, “That just makes my heart expand.” My family, spending quality time with them, coffee with a friend, reading a good book, time in God’s Word. All those make my heart expand.

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