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  1. With the evil influence and negative world that surrounds us, it is so easy to let the negativity and lack of hope overrule our hearts and minds. I know how this feels, too and have struggled on and off with it myself. Sometimes the desire to make an effort to take care of myself gets low, and I lose the drive and strength to dream. I am SO thankful that God never gives up on us, even when we want to give up on ourselves! I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts of how there have been times when I wanted to let go of God’s hand, but at the last minute, He grabs hold of me and reminds me to HOLD ON! ( HOLD ON, my dear sister in Christ and dare to dream big dreams!!!

  2. HE never stops pursuing us. Your daughter’s word was powerful – we get so complacent in our “stuff”…thanks Barbie and I linked up (finally)!

  3. I love that God keep pursuing us, even when we fail to pursue Him. I’ve seen so many displays of His grace in my life. Even during some difficult family situations He has been present giving peace and providing needs. I’m so glad He never leaves us, always welcomes and forgives us. We are so blessed! Thank you for sharing your heart, Barbie. Blessings!

  4. Barbie, your words just made my heart ache for you. I know it’s been a difficult and trying season for you. I love the concept of embracing the chase and especially allowing God to catch you. As He always will.

    You are loved.

  5. How special that God chose to speak through your daughter into the heart of His daughter 🙂 And may I exhort you to get some rest? It really impacts us so much more than we realize (preachin’ to myself here!) Love you.

  6. It is so easy to stop dreaming when we are tired and unrested. Sabbath Rest isn’t just a day, I am learning. It is the Be still and Know I am God kind of every day resting that allows us to live out praise with our lives. Praying for you to step into that Barbie!!

  7. This is true for all of us at various times: “I hide and wait to be rescued and forget that He’s already rescued me. It’s up to me to put my faith shoes on and continue down the path of freedom.” Dreaming big dreams is not my natural bent, but I loved hearing your daughter call your church to act on that. I would have been undone, too. “There is no dream too big for our God.” I echo your daughter, amen.

    • Thank you Lisa! One of my greatest dreams has been to see my children serving the Lord with their whole hearts. I am blessed every time they get to lead us in worship. Have a beautiful day!

  8. Hey Barbie, I dont always get the chance to respond on your posts, but I wanted to let you know that I really do appreciate what you share from you heart 🙂 This morning in prayer Abba Father was revealing and unwinding a lot that has been in my heart. The fears, the guilt of living in grace, been justified in not having to work hard at promoting my new book when God is telling me to rest in Him and HOPE (a word you used above that set tears in my eyes) He shared with me how Abraham received the promise of God because he lived in Hope. For me, I love Jesus so so much I just want to be a good steward and at present He has given me a seed, a book which came out 2 weeks ago. I know people promote their work like crazy and for a while He’s been telling me not to do it, so I haven’t but it was confusing. I now understand a lot more since this mornings prayer. Its grace to dream and He loves to touch those dreams with Grace to fulfil them. Bless you dear friend! Aliyah (

    • Aliyah, I am blessed by your visit and so thankful the post encouraged you. I understand about the not promoting of a book. God did allow me to have a small launch team, where others shared about my book and I offered some giveaways, but beyond that, there has been no push. God has a plan, and He is behind your dreams. Blessings!

  9. Hi Barbie nice to join you again….I didn’t know you got another linkup started Maybe I missed it?
    Well it’s all good seeing and meeting up with everyone here
    Blessings to you

    • Ifeoma, so glad you found the link up. I moved it back to my blog with a new name. We aren’t writing over at Let Us Walk Worthy anymore. It was all explained over there in the last couple of posts. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. I love that God pursues us even when we fail to pursue him. Also love the call to dream big dreams and the reminder that “It’s up to me to put my faith shoes on and continue down the path of freedom.”

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