Resting From Our Labors // Glimpses v.9 — 14 Comments

  1. Oh friend… I am praying with you and for you and all those opening doors and suddenlies coming to pass! Can’t wait to hear more! Me? Well – even though I preach Rest and Sabbath and try to practice it consistently, today I battled through some things that had been keeping me from fully entering in and finally –breakthrough and peace! Hallelujah!

    Love you… and this song, of course! xoxo

  2. Oh, that Anne Lamott quote is a beauty. I need to remember that too. I’m still working my list and it’s really past time to shut the laptop down. But then again, reading these sweet posts isn’t work but is restful in its own way. 🙂 Listening to this song now….Beautiful! May we both rest well now. Thanks for sharing, Barbie.

  3. I love the Anne Lamott quote and the song. It’s not always easy to switch off but rest is so important. Hope you have a good day with your family and manage to get some rest. Unfortunately it’s not a holiday here but I am going away next weekend so hoping to get some rest then.

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