Embrace Day 11 // Five Minute Free Writes “Thanks” — 12 Comments

  1. I like the quote about giving thanks being like a muscle that we need to work. And we all know that working our muscles keeps us in shape – physically and spiritually : )

  2. Oh sweet friend, you know you are speaking my language here! I tend to go in a cycle of remembering to write them down (so important and helpful) and then getting busy and just taking note of them mentally! (When I just do it in my head, it’s so much easier to fall out of the practice all together! There really is something powerful about writing them down on paper!) Love this… and you!

    • I agree. On the weeks I have to sit and try to remember what I’m thankful for it’s like pulling teeth. There is an app I use on my phone to help me record my daily gratitude.

  3. Beautiful post. I wrote about thanks today too. I can relate to what you said about allowing circumstances to cloud your vision of the beauty surrounding my life. I am guilty. And I’m slowly coming out of that but have a long way to go. Thanks again. Enjoying your 31 day series.

  4. Ya know Barbie, gratefulness really has to be sought after intentionally. The world is so full of negativity and hatred. We don’t even have tv and yet I see enough over Twitter and FB!! Yes, we can sift it out but I want to be intentional in seeing those wonderful gifts God gives us every day. For one, the warm sunshine streaming in my window after a 30 degree morning! Yes, Lord.

    • So true. And what I wouldn’t give to be without tv for a while. We normally don’t watch the news stations much, can be so depressing. Like you, I get an ear and eyeful through social media. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. While reading your post today, I started singing, “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart”. God gives us so many wonderful blessings and we do need to thank Him. 🙂

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