Embrace Day 13 // Five Minute Free Write “Aware” — 14 Comments

  1. Amen! My husband and I were just discussing this, Barbie. The enemy has us in such a state of numbness due to all the outside influences. I wonder do we even know who we are anymore, or do we just take the cultural view of who we should be? We need to start listening to ourselves, and to God for the truth.

    • That’s awesome. Yes, I’m afraid chocolates fall fall into the “temporary pleasures” category as far as I’m concerned. But they are so good! Have a blessed week Anita.

  2. These words: “I want to live my life fully alive and fully aware of who I am, who God is and the beauty that I am blessed with every day.” Oh yes and Amen! Thank you, Barbie. I love where your desire to more fully embrace life and watch for glimpses of God’s beauty are taking you. xo

    • I was trying to think of this verse the whole time I was writing this post. “Awake, Awake, O Sleeper!” Yes, I want to be fully awake. Thank you for stopping by Susan.

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