Embrace Day 14 // Five Minute Friday “Mail” — 28 Comments

  1. Good thoughts, Barbie!! As always, you share words of wisdom and inspiration! Thank you for your words!!

    Though late…I am reading a few of the posts from the past few days. I’ll get my posts up-to-date soon…I have a plan AND a busy week!!!

  2. It takes wisdom to know when and where and how to communicate in love–especially if the words aren’t asked for. There is a time for unsolicited words, but, that should be the exception.
    Prayer, lots of prayer is a must. Waiting and listening to the Lord too. Even when the advice is asked for, prayer and listing to the Lord is essential.
    I need to pray and listen more. I’m a speak first kind of girl, but I want to be a pray and listen first girl.
    I don’t want anyone to have my “junk mail” advice.
    Great take on the word.

  3. THIS: “I don’t want to be unopened mail sitting on someone’s counter. I want to be a letter that is read with an open heart and an open mind. I want my story to be a testimony to all who read.”

  4. I love these statements: “I want to be a letter that is read with an open heart and an open mind. I want my story to be a testimony to all who read.” I feel the same. I hope I am not in someone’s “junk mail” for I don’t want it to be that way. Thanks for sharing this. I have started reading your Embrace series too and love how you have incorporated the five minute prompts into your writing.

    • Thank you Ellen. It hasn’t always been easy to incorporate the words into my series, but so far I’m on target. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love it – “Unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life.”
    I’ve told my adult kiddos that I reserve the right to say anything once to them. Now I realize that even that one time could be one time too many. So I am learning to pray much, much more than I talk.

    • I have the same experience with my adult children, one still living in our home. They really don’t want our advice, unless they as for it. I spend lots of time praying before speaking too Susan.

  6. Hey Barbie I am a close neighbor at FM this week. Wow amen, thank you can we high five. I hold on my tongue often on telling people things that God is sharing with me to do because I find people give all kinds of advice that is not of Him. This week I reache dout to someone about something I am struggling with, and their words sent me off in to a wave of fear, in opposite of the direction God is leading me in. I sat with Him in prayer, read the Psalms and am lifted from the load but again I said to Him, I am not doing that again even with good friends. Unsolicited advice is unwanted and I am also not a great believer in that! Many Blessings Aliyah (

    • I am so sorry for that experience, but I’m so thankful you were so quick to take it to the Father. Sadly, I find more judgemental “Christians” these days than not. I am sure it grieves God’s heart. Have a blessed week.

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