Embrace Day 17 // Five Minute Free Writes “Study” {Glimpses Link Up} — 13 Comments

  1. Good points, Barbie! Whenever I meet with a friend, afterward, I always wonder if I listened enough (and didn’t talk too much!) – if I conveyed my true heart of compassion for them and their situation. I pray so! Blessings on your week!

  2. Observation is definitely a whole other level of listening. We pick up important cues from facial expression and body language, as well as clues from intonation of voice. I also appreciate the numbered glimpses of grace and beauty, and the insightful quotes you share here. Wise words. Thank you, Barbie!

  3. This is so insightful, Barbie. Observing rather than just looking. I’m trying to “observe” more of the beauty God surrounds me with, both in nature and in people. Thank you for giving me something to reflect on today. Thank you for all the quotes you share as well.

    • Ha! Well “new-to-me” worship music. I am so far behind purchasing and downloading. I just bought the latest Bethel and Hillsong albums.

    • It truly does. I don’t ever want to listen with half an ear and a wandering mind. It takes practice to stay so focused. Have a blessed week Lesley.

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