Embrace Day 21 // Five Minute Friday “Park” {Glimpses Link Up} — 16 Comments

  1. Such a beautiful moment to spend with your Saviour! The park sounds lovely, just perfect for quiet, restful contemplation. I rarely get out the house but I do tend to have times of feeling tearful whenever I wait quietly on God. It’s as if in those moments our souls become overwhelmed by their heaviness and overcome by God’s loving closeness to us. Thanks for sharing, Barbie. May you have more tension relieving times with God very soon. xo

    • I love being out in nature with God. I pray those times will increase. I pray that you will have more beautiful moments where you feel God’s tenderness toward you. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. I’m so glad you can get away to the park, Barbie, even though it may not be as often as you like. I always feel closer to God when I get into nature. This line is especially encouraging to me – “I cry out to Him to be near, but He’s already here, parked on the bench beside me.” He is always near us, even when we don’t always “feel” Him. Such a comfort in this truth. Thank you. Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. I’m glad you have that safe place in the park to go meet with God. I know he’s with us everywhere, but it is still special when we intentionally get away with him. I often feel the same about my swing down by the lake behind our house. Such a serene atmosphere seems to invite the presence of the Lord in a more tangible way.

  4. Oh friend… yes! Someone asked me yesterday what I was doing to rest and recharge and my mind was a total blank. (uh-oh!) My response was something like, “I’ll do that in November!” Ah yes… we must be in the last week of the #write31days challenge! I know this feeling well! And yet… I also know the power of rest and sabbath and how in our overworked overscheduled minds, we think we don’t have time – but in reality it just takes a few moments! (Off to sit in my chair and be still for a few before I rush through whatever is next on my bossy list!) xoxo

    • It is hard to care for ourselves and take the time we desperately need. Praying you find moments of quiet and solitude amidst the busyness. Hugs!

  5. Your park sounds like the perfect place to meet with God, Barbie! I have a couple of places that I “go” and yes, I need to do that more often! Have a blessed day!

  6. I love those moments when we can switch off from everything else and just be with God. I always find that I connect with him best when I’m walking in the park or by the sea.

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