Embrace Day 24 // Five Minute Free Write “Global” {Glimpses Link Up} — 16 Comments

  1. I am glad I met you in our blogging world. I admire your artistry, your love for the word and how you encourage us along the way. Our words do travel globally. We do need to be good stewards of our words. Thanks for keeping on, keeping on. Blessings Diana

  2. It amazes me how God connects us. I have been encouraged by blogging friends from far away and close by, including you, Barbie. I admire that you stepped back and took rest when you needed to in this series, also that you’re going to continue to the end of the 31 days. Your #162 thanksgiving gave me a good reminder. I still too easily feel guilty when I allow myself to rest. Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Making a global impact on others through our words is a great honour and privilege, one I am in awe of as God connects me with people worldwide, many of whom have become dear and treasured friends. I’m still amazed God drew me into sharing my words at a time when they could potentially reach an international, inter-faith audience. And as I savour the words of those I have come across on my journey (yours included, of course, Barbie!), I see an opening up in my own life I never dreamed of having. The world is literally at our reach at the press of a button – wow! I love your thoughts and gratitude list. Thank you for being here, friend. xo <3

    • It’s an awesome responsibility and a great joy to be used of the Lord in this way. I am grateful He brought you alongside of me on this journey.

  4. I love that the blogging community has created so many friends worldwide! I cherish my friends across the sea. I may never meet them face to face, but we meet often heart to heart through our words.

    • I’ve only met a few of my online friends. While I hope to meet more, I am connected at the heart with so many. Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

  5. It is amazing how through blogging our words can reach people on the other side of the world. I didn’t expect the friendships and connections I’ve made with people around the world and it has been a huge blessing.

    • I never expected I’d have so many friends worldwide. It’s a great blessing this blogging thing. Have a beautiful day Lesley!

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