Embrace Day 7 // Five Minute Friday “Test” — 21 Comments

  1. Seeing my sister walk through some social injustices over and over again (and trying my best to walk beside her through it) is heartbreaking so these reminders are so important. Seeing my parents go through it with her again and again and suffer physically because of it is again heartbreaking so prayers are welcome for them all.

  2. I like the quote you shared and I agree that tests can often make us stronger and give us more compassion and understanding for others. It’s encouraging when we can look back and see how God has used difficult times to teach us or to help us grow.

  3. I never tire of the reminder that no matter what, God will never leave us and is always with us. During tests, trials and difficult times. It’s so reassuring!

  4. Your post today has me thinking deeply, friend. It can be so easy to focus on the challenges, especially when they’ve been going on for years. If we’re not careful, we can miss His blessing. Not only in the moment, but the truth of His blessing that has always been there, running through the fabric of our lives. The challenges cloud the truth. Emotions win the day. But one day we will see clearly and know that He was faithful. Praying blessings over you, my friend!

    • You are so right June. I believe I did miss some of His blessings when I was so focused on my circumstances. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement.

  5. Such encouragement here, Barbie. I love that quote and what you said about God using our tests and pain to draw us closer to himself… which then makes sense why those places would be the seeds of our own ministry. It is there where we’re being tended by God and transformed in the quiet, most needy places. That has been and continues to be so true in my own life. What a lovely post today. Thank you, and bless you!
    P.S. Happy to be your neighbor at FMF.

  6. Barbie, I cling to this truth, “He doesn’t promise that we will not have trouble in this life. But he does promise that He will walk with us, every step of the way.” God has proved faithful over and over again when we’ve gone through trials and in the good times, too.

    Hopefully I’ll get my post written today! I like your take on the word test.

  7. Life tests seem to be the least welcome, even in the knowledge that God can use them to grow our faith. I’m thankful he’s brought you through and given you words to encourage others. Thank you, Barbie.

  8. So much truth: “Tests and the hard times will come, but they are used to strengthen us so that we can be used to minister to others going through the same situation.”

  9. I’m with you in that I’ve had a challenging year as well. I love the reminder that those trials we go through can be used to minister to others. Thank you for your transparency in the trials you’ve faced this year.

  10. Amen! Thank you for sharing your testimony (interesting that ‘test’ is the root of ‘testimony’–I’d never thought of that before). I have discovered that sharing my experiences and ‘tests’ helps me remember the lessons longer.

    • Thanks for stopping by Anita. There is so much power in the testimony and really does help us to not forget. Have a blessed day.

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