Joy {Five Minute Friday} — 15 Comments

  1. Your words are so true! Some days that joy does seem so unattainable. Some of life’s circumstances are hard and they often seem magnified during this season. Glory be to God! Christ is teaching me this year to relish in the haves, and not the have nots! And I realize my haves are SO much greater than the nots, that I wonder why I have dwelt on the nots for so long!

  2. Wonderful reminder that we need to choose joy, and that it truly starts with a heart of gratitude. “Real” life can so easily try to steal our joy, so like so many good and right things in life, it really is a fight. I’m thankful that with God on our side we can be victorious in maintaining thoughts and an attitude of joy.

    Visiting you back from FMF.

  3. There are so many things in life that can mar that Currier and Ives picture of what Christmas should be. I’m with you, Barbie, focusing on the good and being grateful for it always brings JOY into my life! Blessings, friend.

    • Oh Anita, I can’t imagine. While I have one off and married, I still ave one adult son and two teens at home. But I know empty nest will happen more quickly then I would like. Bringing joy to others this season is such a beautiful thing to want to do. Blessed by your visit.

  4. “all of the stuff that is fighting to steal my joy will have to bow down to the King of my heart”

    I think you found a focus! I love that statement. Thank you for your honesty about the struggle to maintain a joy amidst trials. This statement brought me a smile. Thank you. – Lori
    visiting from FMF

  5. struggling with health this year has made the journey a touch tougher this year, but it’s coming along. We have a beautiful snowy day outside today and I just want to put up my Christmas village and get things going for the season to come. 🙂 JOY!

    Visiting from Fmf #16

    • I’m sorry to hear of your health issues. I think there is something beautiful about snow at Christmas time. Have a blessed week!

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