What God Wants You To Know // Glimpses Link Up — 21 Comments

  1. I continue to learn I am enough. That is hard for me to accept but God shows me over and over again. Thank you for your words today. We all need to be reminded often that we are love, beautiful and valued. Love you sweet Barbie!

  2. I love that you prayed over what to share with His Daughters. That. just. blesses. me. 🙂 So, these truths you share, I think we can all say we need to hear them more. We all need to believe them over the false truths we have been believing about ourselves. The one thing that has been a hanging post it note in my line of vision is about belonging. This last year as I was letting my heart prepare the advent of the Christmas season He reminded me that I do belong and in order to prove it, He made that my prayer for the year with Psalm 139. 🙂
    Thanks for reminding us to let Him love on our hearts, Barbie.

    • That word “belong” trips me up all the time. Another powerful truth I need to believe…I belong to Christ. Thanks for stopping by Dawn!

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