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Creating A Masterpiece // A Review

Not having any formal art training myself, I find art difficult to teach, so I am grateful for products like the Monthly Plan from Creating a Masterpiece. We have been enjoying art in our homeschool over the last several weeks through this online program.

Creating a Masterpiece

About Creating A Masterpiece

Creating A Masterpiece is an online art program with video instruction in varying levels – Beginner, Levels 1-5 and Art History.  Level 1 was created with the goal in mind that children as young as ages 4-5 can succeed depending on their maturity level.  Beginner projects take between 1-2 hours to complete, while upper levels can take 3-7 weeks (if a student does 1 lesson per week). The lessons are taught by Sharon Hofer, who has over 15 years of experience teaching art. She is very pleasant to listen too. Sometimes it appears as if she were talking to a young child, but because this program can be used by young children, I completely understand why. She encourages students to create projects that they will be proud of and inspires confidence.

For the purpose of this review, we received a monthly plan which gives our family access to over 144 art projects of all different mediums. The monthly plan is currently $39.99/month.

You will need a computer with internet access for this program, and you will need to purchase art supplies for each project. A note about supplies:  You will want to invest money in purchasing good supplies. Do they have to be top of the line? No. But you do not want to purchase cheap, dollar store  brand supplies. Dick Blick has all of the supplies you need, or you can use your Michaels and JoAnn’s coupons. I also found good supplies available on Amazon.

How We Used This Product

Considering that we have little real art experience, the first project we chose was from the Beginner’s Level, Lessons in Watercolor: African Sunset. This project had two lessons.

Once we gathered up our supplies we went to work. I failed to get any “work in progress” photos of this one. Being somewhat of a perfectionist in all things, my son was concerned that his project was not looking like the one in the video. While Sharon encourages students to take it slow and do their best, she also encourages them to make each project their own. After completing this project, he was so proud. While my son worked on this project for two weeks (completing one lesson each week), this could easily have been done in just a couple of days.

Beginner Level, Lesson in Watercolor: African Sunset

The next project we worked on was the Level 1, Lessons in Colored Pencil: Tropical Clown Fish.  This project has three lessons and we worked on it for about a week and a half. We had good quality colored pencils at home so I was excited to see how this one would turn out. Here is my son, hard at work.

One of the things we really had to work on is that my son tends to bare down really hard with his pencils (even with writing), and he wanted to color using the tip of the pencil, instead of the side. This made his arms get tired and the color look a little harsh in some areas.  But overall, he did not too bad considering he was a little frustrated while doing the background. He just needed to slow down and it just didn’t happen. You can see his pencil markings are very harsh and they go both directions. Something to work on in future projects.

Level 1 – Lesson in Colored Pencil: Tropical Clown Fish

I decided I wanted to give this a try, so I chose a project from Level 2, Lesson in Acrylic: Spring Flowers. This project has 4 lessons and I worked on it for about a week.

I too can tend to be a perfectionist. My finished product is not perfect, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I am still working on the flowers to get them just right, and I love that Sharon encourages students to make the project their own.

Here is my somewhat finished project.

Level 2, Lesson in Acrylic: Spring Flowers

Final Thoughts

I am so thankful that we got the opportunity to review Creating A Masterpiece. It’s perfect for my visual learner. When I asked him his thoughts, his response was,

I really liked this art curriculum. It was fun and not too hard. I didn’t think I was good at art, but I feel like I am now. I know I will get better the more I practice.

Confidence instilled. What more could a mom ask for?

If you are looking for an art curriculum for your homeschool, check out Creating A Masterpiece. I know you will enjoy it just as much as we are.

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6 thoughts on “Creating A Masterpiece // A Review”

  1. Jen|Practical By Default says:

    Wow great job both of you. I can not draw, I attempt almost daily with my daughter as she loves art. I will check this out!

    1. Barbie says:

      It really is a great program!

  2. ~Karrilee~ says:

    This looks amazing! (The program and your artwork!) So cool!

    1. Barbie says:

      Thanks friend!

  3. Sharon Hofer says:

    Wow! That is all I can say! This is beautiful artwork and I am so very proud of your son! Please let him know I told him this. I really, really want to stay in touch with you and see more of his work. As he completes a project just send it to me so that I can be blessed as his teacher.

    Sharon Hofer, Creating a Masterpiece

    1. Barbie says:

      Thank you so much Sharon! I told him and he was so excited. We are taking a break from Creating a Masterpiece right now, but hope to resume next month! Blessings!

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