Enough // Five Minute Friday — 20 Comments

  1. This touched my heart tonight:

    “in my lack, He will meet my every need.
    in my failures, He will bring seasons of growth and understanding.
    in missed opportunities, He will open doors that no man can shut.”

    There is such a freedom to be found in living out those thoughts!

  2. Such an important distinction, Barbie. This can be such a struggle, the enemy is a crafty one and twists the words just enough sometimes. Praying the truth of God’s word over your life, my friend, that you may be protected against the enemy’s wily ways!

  3. THIS: “But the truth is that I am not enough. I am nothing without Christ, and without Him I can do nothing good.” Yes! God’s love is enough! And that’s all that matters! God’s love wins! I’m over in the 39 spot this week.

    • I’m so thankful He fills all of my voids and gives me strength to do all He has called me to. Have a beautiful weekend Susan!

  4. Wow, that was wonderful! I really did want to find that little girl, though, and give her a hug and tell her she was perfectly enough. I feel like a lot of it was my life too… Beautifully done!

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