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  1. I’m glad your husband’s biopsy was clear, Barbie. I love all these quotes, so I can’t really pick out a favorite. Love and strength to you! Hugs!

  2. The Joseph Campbell quote reminds me of my One Word last year, “Welcome.” It’s hard to do, but welcoming what comes helps us live a more contented life than constantly trying to shift gears into somewhere God doesn’t plan for us to be. Lots of good quotes here, Barbie! Congrats to your youngest daughter for opening up a bank account. A milestone moment. 🙂 So thankful your husband’s biopsy was clear!

  3. Barbie, I hate it when my mind is blank and no matter how hard I try I can’t think of a thing to write. But I love how you decided to share some favorite quotes. They are all so good. I especially love the G.K.Chesterton one and also the one by Hans Christian Anderson.

    Blessings on your week!

    • It seems like I’m having more of these moments where the writing doesn’t come as easily. It’s great that I can pull something from the web to encourage others with. Have a blessed week Gayl.

  4. PTL with you! for a clear biopsy! (and bonus!), my friend! I’m always looking for new quotes to add to my collection, so this post is perfect! Have a blessed week!

  5. I’m rejoicing with you, Barbie, as you celebrate the great biopsy results! I love these wisdom quotes. It’s hard to play favourites, but the Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson ones seemed to shout out to me most of all. May you be enabled to rest, be refreshed and gather strength to write whenever inspiration is present. Life can be draining enough, without us putting pressure on ourselves to perform when we don’t feel up to it. Take good, essential soul care of yourself, because YOU are important too. Blessings, love and prayers. xo <3

  6. I love that old New-Englander, Robert Frost. And your quote reminds me of another quote (from somewhere) that our God is the God of Through — He doesn’t leave us in the middle of our messes, but goes Through them with us.

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