A Working Mom’s Homeschool Life: N – Necessary Character Traits

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As a full-time working, homeschooling mom, there are many things that I need in order to have a successful homeschooling journey. Today I want to talk about character traits. These are necessary components for both my son and I to have if we are going to “get along” and make the most of our homeschooling season. Below are a few of the character traits that I find necessary in our homeschooling:

Flexibility. This is probably number one for me. Since I am gone during the hours when most kids are doing school, I’ve learned to be flexible with our schedule. Because my son does a lot of independent, on line learning, I allow him to do his classes any time between 10AM and 3PM, as long as most work is completed done by 3PM. There are some assignments that require more guidance, and I am thankful I have the flexibility to sit with him in the evenings after dinner or even on the weekends when he needs more help. School for us does not have to fit into an 8am to 3pm time frame, and this is what I love most about homeschooling. We have the flexibility to do school when it works for us.

Adaptability. We’ve had to do a lot of adapting to make things work. I’ve been known to take curriculum and modify it to fit my son’s needs. We taken parts of one curriculum and put it together with another and made our own system of learning. Because my son much prefers on line work, we make sure he gets ample amounts of reading and writing so as to stimulate those parts of his brain that are more of a stretch for him.

Responsibility. Because I work full time outside the home, my son is often left to do his school work without much adult supervision. My husband is present in the home and keeps a watchful eye on the computer usage, but otherwise, my son is learning to be responsible to do what is required of him, within the allotted time, and at the same time be willing to accept consequences for laziness or a bad attitude. It’s not perfect, as homeschooling a teenager comes with it’s own challenges whether you work or not (can you say “hormones”?), but we are learning together and we have grown so much during this season.

Accountability. In our homeschooling our son is held accountable to my husband and myself for his lessons, actions and attitudes. When he does well, there are rewards (time off, more screen time, etc.) When he makes poor choices, there can be consequences, especially if the attitude goes south. I keep myself accountable to my husband, especially when it comes to the purchasing of curriculum and materials. As we have one income, I’ve had to really keep my purchasing habits in check. If I have a decision to make, I usually rely on my husband’s wisdom to help me make the choice. I also check in with a group of working, homeschool moms on Facebook from time to time and this group keeps me accountable to all things homeschooling.

What character traits do you look for in your own journey?

2 thoughts on “A Working Mom’s Homeschool Life: N – Necessary Character Traits”

  1. Jen | Practical, By Default says:

    This was so great, I completely agree with all of these. Flexibility is vital for me as a working homeschool mom.

    1. Barbie says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reading Jen! I really appreciate it.

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