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More Art Fun With ArtAchieve // A Review

My son has been growing more comfortable with art, thanks to ArtAchieve and their Entire Level II bundle. Last year, we had the opportunity to review this same art program and my son really enjoyed it.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled for the chance gain even more confidence this time.

ArtAchieve’s mission is that anyone can learn to draw, and that drawing is an essential skill. This program equips students with art lessons that insure success yet allowing for plenty of creative expression.  All of ArtAchieve’s lessons are inspired from around the world and have a visual tie to geography, history, literature and other topics. With ArtAchieve, you’re not just learning to draw, but you are drawing the world! These lessons are for any age, from 1st grade up to adult, even if you have no art background at all.

For the purpose of this review, we received access to the entire Level II bundle, which includes 15 art lessons from around the world. The lessons in this bundle include:

  • The Swedish Dala Horse
  • The Korean Wedding Duck
  • The Japanese Goldfish
  • The Elephant from Ghana
  • The Ukrainian Cat
  • The German Nutcracker
  • The Sri Lankan Landscape with an Elephant
  • Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art
  • The Ukrainian Rooster
  • Hiding Butterflies
  • The Mexican Mask
  • The Russian Fortress – Color Value and Analogous Colors
  • The Polish Szopka
  • The Mermaid from Denmark
  • The Weaving from Thailand

Each lesson includes both a video and a PowerPoint lesson, a list of supplies, suggestions for Cross-Curricula Connections and lists the approximate time it takes to complete. Each lesson also comes with a warm up as well as a print out of what the completed project will look like outlined.

We worked on art lessons about twice a week during the review period and were able to complete most lessons in about 30 minutes or less.  We opted to do the video lessons just like last time. This time I made him play soft, instrumental music while doing the lessons, but he told me it was distracting. I think his brain is just too full to use the music as a relaxing feature.

My son was not as elaborate as I would have liked him to be. I could have pushed for more, but I choose to step back and just let him exhibit his own creativity since he’s just now beginning to enjoy art. Our goal is for our son to love art, so it’s important we keep him interested. Here are some examples of lessons my son completed during this review:

What we really love about this program is that it doesn’t take a lot of fancy supplies. We had everything we needed already. If you already own a fine tip black sharpie, a pencil, colored markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints and copy paper, you can successfully complete Levels I and II.

We opted not to do the Cross-Curricula Connections at this point, but did look them over. For the German Nutcracker, for instance, there are several videos you can watch to learn about where in Germany the Nutcracker originated (Geography), learn the history of the Nutcracker Ballet, learn about the man who invented the Nutcracker, (History), watch a video of the entire ballet (Music) and so much more! The Cross-Curricula Connections really make these lessons stretch to cover every area of learning.

If you are looking for art lessons for your student that are easy, educational and will help boost their confidence in the area of art, you will want to check out ArtAchieve.

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