Standing In The Middle — 15 Comments

  1. Great perspective! The middle can be a good place, even a blessed place of rest and contentment. I feel God in my midst or middle as well, abiding with Him and depending on Him to move me when and if He sees fit. He really convicted me at the end of last year to cease striving or working so hard and abide in Him more. I have enjoyed this year so much more because of that. Just a peaceful pace and trustful embrace is how I would describe it. His convictions shed light on problems we don’t even realize we have. Lol Thanks for sharing this insightful post

  2. What a beautiful promise. I have felt ‘in the middle’ many times, and that’s often when I feel the closest to God because I . just. don’t. know. what’s. going. on. But he does. I’ve learned to rest in that.

  3. Sweet friend, you’ve experienced a lot of losses over the past few years. Grief is a process and it looks different for all of us. I’m thankful that you are now in a place of rest. May God use this time to strengthen and encourage you for the next part of your journey! Blessings on your weekend!

  4. I, too, have spent the last few years in he middle place. Between the what was and the what will be. God is faithful in all our seasons. You are where you need to be and god will you move you forward in his timing.

  5. I love your picture of the middle, Barbie, as a place of rest and safety. A beautiful reminder to embrace the right now life instead of feeling restless to move on. Sweet blessings!

  6. The “middle” is exactly where HE wants you right now. Listen to this great quote I heard this morning: “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery!” So, yes, the middle is good…FOR NOW! xo

  7. I find the “middle” to be a place a peace and comfort as well. Sometimes I wonder if this is where I am meant to stay. And that would be totally okay with me 🙂

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