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  1. Barbie, I agree with June, especially, as I have read all the above comments. I come back for you. As I read of the struggles you are going through, I pray for you, lifting it all up to God, feeling the difficulty along with you. Then, you pull out your list of all the things that you are grateful for! And I so much need to do that more in my own life. I start and stop and start and stop. You are one of God’s reminders to remember to be grateful for the good He has put in my life instead of focusing on the negatives and the trials.
    I appreciate your honesty and can relate to so much of what you write here. I would totally miss you if you stopped writing, but I also understand if you need to take a break. I didn’t actually get to link up here last week, as I’ve been pulled in various directions by the life that surrounds me. Sometimes we do need to slow things down to be still before the Lord and be re-energized by Him to begin again with His unction, His Spirit leading and guiding our every move.
    Your words here matter. Love you, sister.

  2. Barbie, I’m STILL living in the in between. It’s hard. And I identify as my husband says my JoyDay! posts aren’t all that joyful. However, I do think that in spite of that, I need to be faithful to press on with those weekly posts and trust God to keep bringing me the thoughts and words that need to be expressed. Recently a reader said something like, “week after week, you have something just for me, how do you know?” I’m sure you have plenty of those comments, too. So, Barbie, don’t overthink it, just continue to be authentic and lean on God to put those letters and words through the taps of your fingers. {{big hugs}}

    • Diane! Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’ve missed visiting your space and hope to get back around soon. I appreciate you!

  3. Oh sweet friend! I know these words you have spilled onto this page all too well. I have struggled in the same way for the last year and half. I fill the words brim and I start the posts and then kids wake up, school calls, or life happens. They then sit in draft. Yet, overtime I seek God I hear Him saying He isn’t done with my space. In fact bigger plans. I feel that same way when I read your words just now. Thinking out loud is great and it shares with others that they aren’t alone in their thoughts. God has big plans for you. I feel it, and while I have not been the best blogosphere friend or writer I thoroughly love coming to your page and hearing your heart and seeing God through you. Even if it’s something little. He shines through you. A little break may be just what He is leading you to for now, just to recharge your batteries and fill you back up. Praying for you friend.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage my heart today. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. I will be in prayer for your journey. Love and blessings!

  4. Barbie, this is one of my favorite link ups and I think the reason is because of YOU. You always share authentically about yourself, and about God. Of course, I enjoy the community you’ve built and visiting the other links each week. But checking in with you, my friend, reading what God is doing in your heart and life is why I come back each week. I certainly understand your questioning what to do in this space. I will be praying for you to hear God’s voice in this – for wisdom and discernment about what He wants you to do! Love you.

    • June, thank you! You have encouraged my heart greatly. Thank you for being here and for embracing all of the many facets of my life.

  5. I adore you Barbie and have for years! I loved the season when I was able to come alongside you in this space and found it to be such a time of learning and digging into community. I read through the comments above and just want to say I echo their thoughts too.

    You have a heart for sharing so vulnerably and it is a gift to have in this writing world. I am praying for you as you listen and hear from God as to what is the next step. Love you sweet friend! Whatever you decide will be fine!

    • I love you Mary! It’s been a beautiful journey to encourage one another in our writing. Thank you for sticking with me through all of the crazy seasons of my life.

  6. Oh Barbie, you have an impact on us more than you know. I always enjoy reading your posts, even on the days you feel dry. And I admire how you consistently find glimpses of beauty. Thank you for being brave to think out loud. I used to link up here and a couple of other places, but I realized I was linking up for the wrong reasons. I just wanted more people to visit my blog. I also was feeling guilty about not being able to keep up with the link ahead of me every time. Anyway, I had to search my heart, and I felt I was sliding away from writing for an Audience of One. I needed to stop worrying about numbers and focus on glorifying God and pointing hurting souls to hope in Jesus. I am grateful for these link-ups though. Over time I have come to meet beautiful people like you. I can really see though that running a link-up could get overwhelming. I’m sure you want to keep up with each one, but it must be so hard. I pray God will give you strength and direction. Love and hugs to you!

    • Thank you Trudy! When I first began blogging almost 9 years ago, links up are how I met some of the most beautiful women, some who link here in this space each week. I love your heart to follow God and pursue Him alone though your writing. I admire that so much. Thank you for blessing me with your words and encouragement.

  7. Barbie, you are a special sister in Christ. I feel like I kind of “know” you through your site and your words no matter what the topic may be. I do not leave comments each time I read, but I am encouraged through your walk with the Lord. As one person above me said, this is a smaller community that some link-ups and I like it better than the larger ones. I recognize more faces here each week. We visit one another and that is encouraging too. You do not need to feel obligated to visit each one.
    Possibly, one of us could sidle up beside you and share this space if you would want that. I feel interested in doing such actually, Barbie, but am also in the process of packing my house and moving and after another week, I will be silent at Being Woven for a couple of months while we find a new home in a new location. So, it would not be me at this point in time. But that may be a possibility. I do not know.
    You bless many, but there are times when God wants us to move further down a road He has for us. We all should pray with and for you. I lift you up to the Lord in prayer for you need to do what He desires you to do.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Linda, I wish we could meet in person. I value your friendship, input and wisdom. I will definately be praying for your move. Transitions are not always easy but with God the are manageable. I use to have a co-host here (I’ve had a couple of ladies share this journey with me in the past). I’m still through and believe God will continue to lead and guide me. Love you!

  8. Barbie, I love your honesty and vulnerability and your empathy. It’s also fun to see your recordings of the glimpses of beauty you see each week. I enjoy the linkup and reading what others share. Hosting a linkup can take up a lot of time depending on how much you do with it. But it can also just be a place to gather and yours feels like an old friend. I think most who linkup would understand if you can’t comment on all. It’s a lot and you need time for yourself and your family. I think most of us just appreciate the place to linkup and sort of keep up with each other. You are a blessing to us!

    May God bless you and give you wisdom! xo

    • Thank you so much Gayl. As one who has been linking up here for a while, I do feel that “old friendship” feel. I am so thankful that you are here.

  9. My husband cleaned out the garage yesterday and found 3 more pairs of flip-flops that I didn’t know we had. ha. Granted, they are all leftovers from my daughters, but I’m still going to choose the best 2 pairs to keep for myself.

    I love this space for linking up because of the size of the community. I recognize many of the faces each week, which makes it more personal. And I always appreciate your honest posts, Barbie. Being real is an encouragement in itself!

  10. Oh sweet friend, again your honesty and willingness to be real is such a blessing! I’d be willing to guess that that is one of the main reasons we gather here for this link up! Yes – being transparent through the hard times or dry seasons feels exhausting –even if it is encouraging to others, but I think the fact that you do that, and still manage to count off gifts in every season is really what reminds us to look for glimpses in our own ordinary days!

    I agree with Bev… I don’t think anyone assumes you read through every single linked up post. Especially not every week! We all have lives away from the screens and we value you having freedom to do what you can and we are not putting any expectations or heavy weights on you. I know some weeks I get a chance to click all around and read a lot, and some weeks I only read the one ahead of me… some weeks I don’t even write and am hardly in front of a screen.

    Grace, grace, my friend! We love you and are thankful for the space and community you have gathered here, but we also value you listening to Him and following His lead!

    Much Love,

    • I adore you! I wish I could sit along side of you and sip coffee and share real life. But I’ll take you any way I can get you. So thankful for you!

  11. Hi Barbie–I come here because I sense that I “know” you. As much as I can through the blogosphere anyway! I care. I enjoy hearing about your life. I appreciate that you are a mom who’s working AND homeschooling AND blogging. Like me! I really don’t come in hopes that you’ll read my post (though it’s nice to hear from you every once in a while). I have a feeling the others don’t either. We hope to be a part of a community who can grab a bit of each other’s writing and continue to know more people and be known. If you ever read my post, I find it encouraging. I in now way feel that you owe it to me or you should have to read mine or everyone’s here. I think you should definitely be kind to yourself and give yourself grace about that. Maybe read 2 a week (or whatever number feels doable). I think you’re doing great…keep going and don’t give up! At least if that is what you feel like God wants you to do! Perhaps you will sense that more if you receive encouragement from us that where you’re at is just fine.

    • Amy, thank you. The grace you give is such a blessing. I am thankful to do community with you through blogging.

  12. Hi Barbie, I deeply value your linkup! Your honest heart shared here every week encourages me, and spurs me to pray for you. I especially like your list of thankful things, as it encourages me to create my own. Keep up the good work, friend!

  13. Barbie, thank you for being brave to “think out loud.” It’s so easy as a writer to pick a topic and then to hide behind it. I do appreciate the warm gathering place that you provide here each week, and am always blessed by the others who join the party — although the atmosphere feels more sacred than just a “party.”

    Trusting that God will direct you in ministry goals that lead you to the place of meeting the world’s great need while also using your many gifts — and your servant’s heart.

  14. Barbie, I appreciate how you share honestly about your struggles but also look for where God is working and seek his beauty in the midst of the difficulties. I always gain something from your posts and I appreciate the sense of community you have built here. I enjoy taking part in the linkup here but also see that it’s a big commitment on your part. If it’s becoming too much and you need to take a break I understand. Praying that God will show you the right way forward as you seek him.

  15. Barbie,
    I do sense you struggling and if now is not a time that you have something to “give” that’s okay. Some writers find strength in writing through times of struggle…for others it’s just one more thing to do and is draining. I don’t expect you to read all of our posts when we link up. I do because I like to see who else is out there in this blogosphere and what they are writing about….glean their insights. It’s a sense of community. Maybe if you just responded to a few blogs each week. I certainly don’t expect you to come read my blog and everyone elses. It’s nice that you do, but not necessary. You are providing a meeting place of sorts for writers to gather and share with each other….but if hosting is burning you out vs. invigorating you, then it’s okay to step back and take a break. Or if you just need to be encouraged by us….that’s okay too.
    Bev xx

    • Thank you Bev. I am so encouraged by all of the love flowing through this community. I am so thankful you are here!

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