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  1. Visiting from FMF – and yes, some days it seems the wobbly steps (and the falls) far outnumber the actual steps…but what a treasure that I have a Heavenly Father to steady me – and pick me back up again. Really enjoyed your post.

  2. Beautiful, my friend! I love the analogy… it’s so true! We beat ourselves up for falling or failing –but our good, good Father just loves to see us learning!

  3. Barbie, I agree with Susan, you are sounding steadier. 🙂 I love the analogy of learning to walk as a toddler. It’s perfect. Great post!

    Blessings to you!

  4. Wonderful post for “Steady” and as Andrew said, the toddler example and our faith walk are a perfect match! I love this: “It’s having the courage to move forward because you know your Father is there to guide your every step.” Yes!! That is what I need to remember when faced with the “whatevers” life throws at us!

    Thank you for sharing! Glad to be writing (and reading) again!!

  5. Love the image of a wobbly toddler! Exactly how I feel at times when life throws me a curve ball. Truly grateful we can rely on Him to be our steady.

    Visiting from FMF. Happy Writing!

    PS…life’s been busy for me, but I am so looking forward to catching up on your posts, Barbie. I’ve missed them and you! Hope all is well in your world. ~ Larri (formerly SeamsInspired)

  6. Hello! Rebecca here, dropping in from FMF! Thanks for reminding me that, no matter how unsteady and faltering I might be, our heavenly Father is always there…ever steady and never waning. Very encouraging! Thank you!

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