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  1. You are writing from your heart, which is where Christ shines through. That is what matters most! And you do it well. Only you can write what you have in your heart. There is no formula for being a perfect writer. It’s not striving that resonates with the Spirit, it’s receiving and sharing. Galatians 3 talks about since we weren’t smart or strong enough to be the ones to begin our heavenly gifts, how could we think we could perfect them? This has been a message I need to hear too! So yes, your impact reaches farther than you can imagine.

  2. We love you! So much THIS: “. But the beautiful thing is that God has breathed on the words in this space and brought freedom, healing, hope and encouragement to others at one time or another. Without the life-giving breath of God, my words have no real value.” I’m in the 72 spot this week.

  3. When we think of worth, we tend to think first in terms of buying things and money – what is this worth? How much will it cost? Yet, in these turbulent times, it is the worth of people which should be our first concern. As Christ told us, over and over, loving others is a must. Too often, hate and cruelty to others predominates. Fear and ignorance push people to racist acts. The news is full of killings and destruction all over the world..
    If everyone could only see that every person has worth, is valuable, is a child of God, LOVE would dominate, not hate. Yes, we are all worth so much. We need to acknowledge our own worth and celebrate the worth of everyone we meet. We may never know when we meet Jesus.

  4. Beautiful words, Barbie. And, yes, I know you have encouraged many with your words, including me. Sometimes we think our words don’t carry much weight, but God can take our meager offerings and use them to bless others and bring glory to Him.

    Your writing is needed. Don’t ever stop! 🙂

    Blessings to you, dear sister!

  5. Loved your words, dear Barbie! I have struggled myself with those labels or definitions. Am I a blogger or a writer? Or both?

    I love how you put to words the feelings that surely many besides the two of us have experienced. What a lovely read.

    Thank you!

  6. I think it’s no coincidence that we are neighbours this week. I started reading and your words “We don’t worry about perfection or making it just right, but rather allow the words to flow freely without over thinking.” made me stop and think about just how much I strive for perfection in my own writing and that sometimes I overthink it so I don’t even hit publish or write. The struggle is real and you could not have put it more eloquently.

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