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  1. Dear Barbie,
    I’m so happy that you were able to have such a sweet getaway with your husband. That in itself is a huge stress-buster, and a help for the Fibro. I join you in the struggles there, and will keep you in my prayers! I have gone gluten and dairy free, and try to cut out most all processed sugars, and I know how hard and boring it can feel! In the beginning I missed the comfort of it more than the actual food itself! Shows how much I have been a stress eater!! I am just so thankful that God is here to help us when we are so weak!

      • Barbie, I am praying today for you! Even one step means so much, when we are so weary, doesn’t it? Since I have had to go back on a daily dose of prednisone, I can see my weight gradually inching up, as it does make me eat more. So, even healthy food in too big of portions isn’t good when my activities have had to be slowed. May the Lord help us in our choices,even when it’s only one at a time. And may He be our strength when we have none on our own! xoxo

  2. I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your husband. I’m leaving in a few days with a getaway for our 25th anniversary. Healthy eating is so hard. 🙁 Praying that you are able to stick to a plan and that your body will reward you for it.

  3. Barbie, you are so right. Often doing what is best takes so much effort it doesn’t seem we can maintain it. And then, after a bit, we see the negative consequences. I pray God blesses you with what you need to stay on the whole and healthy diet that works for you.

  4. Barbie –

    Glad you had a nice weekend with your hubbie! But sorry you are not feeling great. Although I do not have a chronic condition, I share your confidence that God is a healer and He can (and has for me) heal completely at any time. However, I also believe ( and agree with you) that He often uses our bodies (and its weaknesses) to teach us and mold us and draw us closer to HIm. I think accountability is a wonderful idea. It’s something I struggle with (being authentic, etc) but I know the times that I have allowed someone to walk alongside me….these times have been richly blessed.

  5. Getting everyone in the household on board with whole foods is a challenge. Not to mention the time it takes to prepare whole foods, and the cost! Personally, I think it’s a crime that whole foods cost more than processed foods!?!?!? Only in America, lol! I’m in a similar situation having to be gluten free and avoid other foods that aggravate my condition. When you’re already physically weary it’s difficult to find the energy to fight the food battle. When you’re already feeling bad it is easier to just say, “Forget it!” and dive into the comfort food! I will be praying that you will make wise decisions regarding your health and have the will to eat what is good for your body. Blessings on your week, dear one.

    • That’s exactly where I am June. I’m weary and worn out and have no energy to make the healthy choices. I really need breakthrough in this area. Thank you for your prayers!

  6. Happy Anniversary! It’s so hard to eat healthy during a celebration time. My husband and I yoyo on the healthy-eating bandwagon! I’ve found only eating a light salad after 4 makes a huge difference for me – and cutting out carbs. Carbs are not my friend! Praying for you – for strength and perseverance in this journey!

  7. Barbie,
    I am praying for you. It is so hard to make a lifestyle change when it comes to eating. I am fortunate that it’s not just my husband and me and he is going along with the healthy eating habits I am having to follow and is so sweet to forego having icecream in the house (a definite weakness of mine). Having had 4 surgeries, I look at it as I don’t have a choice but to try to keep the weight off because it is so bad for my joints (and my whole body for that matter). Having been 2 months non weight bearing, though, I have put weight back on and it’s so discouraging. For me, I NEED the healthy eating/exercise combination. I have found healthy eating to be less expensive in some ways because you aren’t paying for all that pre-made processed food. It just takes the time commitment to make it. Not easy…..hang in there though….if you fall off the horse, get back up in the saddle. Your body will thank you for it.
    Bev xx

    • Time and motivation are what I need most. Thanks for your prayers and support Bev! I trust you are still making progress in your healing?

  8. Hello,
    In response to your desire for accountability, have you heard of Women’s Walk With Christ? I have participated with them for 10+ years and found a wonderful place of safe healing from wounds, sisterhood with amazing authentic Christian sisters and accountability that is focused on Christ. I’d HIGHLY recommend it for any woman who wants healing from her past wounds and a deeper relationship with Christ and real relationships with Godly women.

  9. I love Sarah’s idea above!
    I also struggle with healthy eating and getting exercise, and I really do see that struggle as part of my sanctification process. God is in the business of healing us through our decisions to make healthy choices — and through our failures. I really don’t like that, but then, I remind myself that He is a wise Father.

  10. I’m glad to hear you had a nice getaway with your hubs but sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. I agree that God wants us to do our part by eating healthy and exercising and also understand how hard that can be with the cost of food. I’m praying both for God’s healing and provision for you Barbie. Heel pain? Is it worse in the morning when you get out of bed? I’m not trying to play doctor here, and I normally dislike when someone posts a complaint and everyone jumps in with solutions, but I can’t help but wonder it it isn’t plantar fasciitis? I’ve had this before and I know it can be helped with various stretching exercises. Mine took time but has resolved fully.
    Anyhoo, thank you for the party and have a great week.

    • I use to think it was Plantar Fasciitis, but it do go away when I was eating whole and healthy, so I’m not sure? It hurts worse when I first get up, in the morning, or after sitting for a while. Praying for God’s wisdom.

  11. Hi Barbie. I have a healthy eating idea for you. Homemade soup is a cheap and easy way to eat healthy. I buy a rotisserie chicken for about $5 and shred the meat. Usually I can get 2-3 meals from the meat itself. Then I make my own chicken stock (soup base) with the carcass. You can google recipes for that. I get about 6 quarts of stock from one carcass, and I skim the fat off and freeze it. I use the homemade stock to make veggie soup with bags of frozen veggies and lima beans ($1 each), barley, a can of tomatoes, onions, garlic, and Italian seasoning. I can eat lunch all week from one pot of the healthy soup. It helps my weight stay stable. Hope that idea helps you!

  12. First of all, Happy Anniversary Barbie! Isn’t it amazing to see God’s faithfulness in our marriages and the countless blessings and healings He has given us?

    Now, cutting down sugar is something that I have been trying to do myself as well without much success.
    I will be praying for you to find an amazing accountability partner soon and for your pains to be bearable

    Glad to link with you today 🙂

    Much Blessings


  13. I think it’s true that, while God could just heal us instantly, he often wants us to play our part too. Praying for wisdom over eating and that God sends you the right mentor to walk alongside you and support you.

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