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  1. I certainly want Him to have my heart…but how often do I fail to give Him place to my whole heart?! Such a thoughtful reminder in your post. I am always inspired when I come by your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think we all struggle with this to some extent, friend. Being aware of the struggle, crying out to Him when we fail and when we need Him most, these are all steps toward a closer and more abiding relationship with Him. Beautiful post, Barbie!

  3. Great post, Barbie!

    “Do you struggle to give God first place in your heart? Ask Him to help you declutter your heart so that He can come and abide.”

    As much as I long to answer, “No!” to that question, it would not be an honest answer. Sometimes I let cares and worries get in front of God. Other times I let my husband and children usurp His place in my life. Still other times I let the busy-ness of my day take His spot. It’s a constant battle to keep Him in the number 1 spot and as my first priority. I wish that I was at the place where I could say that He was truly number one and I run to Him first thing no matter what. That I converse with Him consistently throughout my day. That I consistently seek direction from Him and dedicate each day to Him and His leading. I hope that one day while I’m still on the earth I’ll wake up to realize that I’ve reached my goal and He is truly before anything else in my life. That would mean that I have finally truly ARRIVED!!!!! 🙂

    • Thank you Sue for stopping by and sharing your experience. I know Jesus is with us in the day to day, distractions and all. Blessings!

  4. Once I gave Jesus that place in my heart and life so many years ago, I never let anything else try to clutter it up. Outside things going on in my life may try to take His spot, but they do not succeed. Ever thankful for a Saviour Who is greater than the forces of the world and what I have to face. Every. Single. Day.

    Great post! Blessings to you, Barbie!

    • You are blessed to be able to continue to give your heart fully and completely to Jesus. For me, it’s a process but I’m learning to fall more and more in love with Him every day. He is the only one who can satisfy my hungry heart. Blessings to you Diana!

  5. Wow Barbie! This was the shot in the arm I needed today!
    “Is there room enough in my heart for Jesus to come and take His place?”
    There is, but I need to really be more intentional about opening up my time to beyond Sunday.
    Thanks for the blessing today.

    Visiting from #80 this week.

  6. Loved it! I am in the middle of getting my home of many years ready to rent to another family so they can have a place to create memories. So much more I want to write about this topic. It’s really a good. You did a great job!

  7. Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. I don’t collect things and I hate clutter, but my mind and heart is so often full of other things. I have to make an intentional effort to push everything else off of the throne so that He can have His proper place.

  8. Beautiful, Barbie. I like this quote: “But anything but the presence of the living God will leave me broken and empty.” I can relate to filling up with the wrong things on a regular basis. When I spend time in his presence, I feel more satisfied. Thanks for this reminder. From your friend #40 at #fmf.

  9. Barbie, the word “declutter” gives me the shivers! LOL – I’ve decluttered every 5 years – and I realized last year that I needed to declutter so the boys would know what to keep if something happened to me -s till. I think I am a clutter bug! Yet, your words are so true – I need to make sure that my schedule isn’t so cluttered up – or that my mind isn’t so cluttered up that I give him the important spaces, the in-front-of-the-line spaces! Good food for thought, friend! Love your heart!

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