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  1. And you spoke truth to me today, Barbie! I listen to the lies I speak about myself all too often. Thank you for the reminder that God speaks truth and his chastisement has a purpose (growth)–unlike the lies the evil one speaks.

  2. I love what you wrote! I can so totally relate. I love, love, love this quote from what you wrote:
    “God has given me a voice to speak of His wonders and glory. In return, I will slow down and listen when He speaks to me.”
    Thanks so much for sharing this. <3

  3. Guilty too friend! I need to continue to learn and be better about speaking life to myself and others. I’m in the 55 spot this week.

  4. It can certainly be hard to hear God’s still, small voice for all the noise our mouths make. You just have to sit down, zip it, and listen. And soak it in.

  5. Every. woman’s. problem. God is teaching me, sometimes the hard way, how much I need to hold back my words sometimes. LOVE Kari Jobe!
    BTW, I’m a bad neighbor. I was falling asleep last night and knew I’d make absolutely no sense if I had left a comment, haha.

    • You are not a bad neighbor. There is no pressure to visit and no time line. I appreciate you stopping by. Have a blessed weekend.

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