Taking The Time To Reconnect // Glimpses Link Up — 24 Comments

  1. Your attitude is great Barbie. I was thinking the other day about some of the hard times my husband and I have been through and how the thing that strengthened us through it all was our love for one another. God was key of course, but keeping your connection to each other strong is so important. I’m glad you got some time away and I pray that you feel a renewal.
    Blessings friend,

    • Love really does conquer all. No marriage is perfect, but when you really love one another, you have a desire to work toward making things better, with God’s help of course. Blessings!

  2. You have a beautiful attitude: “But we are committed to one another and our love, although not always evident, is still strong.” Praying that your joy will be even stronger after this trip. Happy Anniversary, Barbie! Our 25th is coming up soon and we will be taking a trip to Maine.

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a very special time on your get-away. There are no perfect marriages, but it’s sweet to see God’s grace in people endeavoring to follow and serve and love Him.

  4. I love, love, love that wedding picture you posted on Facebook—so cute! And even more— I love that you’re still together, working on your marriage, after 29 years! Sometimes I imagine that God admires and sees beauty in our wrestling and struggling with the challenges instead of giving up. It helps me to see beauty in what I normally think is just plain challenging. I see beauty in your marriage!

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