Giving Thanks IN All Things // Glimpses Link Up — 22 Comments

  1. What a great photo of your family! I’m sorry you missed some of your regular traditions. Some years are like that in this broken world of ours, but it sounds like you focused on what was most important. Last year I missed our regular Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations to care for my mom in another state. While I missed the grandkids, it was a sweet time for my mom and me.

    • Looking for the beauty amidst disappointment is so important. I bet you wouldn’t trade those precious moments with your mama for anything.

  2. I’m sorry the flu visited your home, Barbie. I love the beautiful lesson God taught you – “Life is hard sometimes. Pain is real and healing often takes time. But when I choose to give thanks in the middle of my mess, my attitude about my circumstances will change.” Thank you for sharing it with us. Also the lovely family photo. 🙂 Love and hugs to you!

  3. Giving thanks in all things certainly changes how we view gratitude. Thank you for pointing that out because when we go through difficult times we lose sight that God is still there.

    Love your beautiful family photo and you!

  4. What a beautiful family photo! I hope that your health is being restored, Barbie! You bring such a blessing here when you encourage us to look up and give our gratitude to the Lord in the middle of the hard times!

  5. Hope everyone is completely on the mend. The photo is just beautiful though. I am glad you were able to catch some glimpses of beauty to not only enjoy but to share with us all today!

    • Thanks Joanne, the remaining household members (including me) did come down with the virus, but we are all on the mend now. God is still on the throne! Blessings!

  6. Sorry about the flu. Glad you could still count your blessings. I have had to go into overdrive today counting my blessings. Left the house at 7:30 am to catch a flight to Salt Lake City after a hard weekend full of loss. Well, what should have been 1 and 45-minute flight has turned into an odyssey. It looks like after three flights and tons of rescheduling I will make it at 8:30 pm. Of course, I still have one more flight. I was getting weepy at first and then started counting my blessings. I have been through much deeper and worse, and God is with me.

    • Wow Mardee, I’m sorry about the delayed and long flights. I am so thankful that you were able to stop and count your blessings in the midst of it all.

  7. That’s an important distinction between “in” and “for.” Sometimes the holidays that didn’t go as planned are the most memorable years later. We had one several years ago where our car broke down on the way to a friends’ home in another state, our youngest got carsick all over the back seat, and we were running so late that we had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Burger King. Not fun then, but it brings a smile now, and sometimes those different times can help put our focus back on the main things.

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