God Help Me // Glimpses Link Up — 11 Comments

  1. Barbie, I am out of the loop here and don’t know what you are going through but I know God does and I am praying for you. I loved your graphic and have pinned it. I pray you feel God’s touch surrounding you and you feel the presence of him near to you.. Love that song as it has ministered to me many times.

  2. “God covering me with a blanket of grace.” I love that thought, Barbie. When I sit in my recliner, I always snuggle into a blanket. So warm and cozy. You have given me pause to reflect on how much more cozy God’s blanket of grace is. Thank you. I pray God will quicken and refresh your heart with His love. Thank you for always sharing so honestly. I love the song, too. It really resonates in my heart. May He help us to move or to stay, to show us the way. Love and hugs to you!

  3. This song is such a blessing, Barbie. And I am continuing to keep you in my prayers, that you would feel the blessing and encouragement that you have brought to others here! May the Lord give you sweet rest with Him.

  4. One day, sometimes one hour, one minute is all we can do, Barbie. It is during these times that I am comforted by the old Footprints poem. We are never alone. During the most difficult times, it is then that He carries us. May you be comforted by the blanket of His embrace, Beloved.

  5. You are always a blessing to this community, Barbie! There is no need to apologize. Take the time to sit with God and let Him cover you with His blanket of grace. You are dearly loved!

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