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  1. Barbie, One year I chose minimize as my word. It was an amazing year, and it carried forward. Would I call myself simple, by no means nor would anyone else. But I learned how to make small changes in all areas of life towards a simpler way of life. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. One fun method I hear on the radio was to get rid of one thing on the 1st of the month, two on the second and so on.

    This year I hear God moving me toward “joy” or somehow bringing more fun and joy into my life.

    Thank you for your linkup.


    • I actually have heard of that challenge and considered it, but I think I will take it slow and just try to do something to purge every weekend. JOY is a great word to chase this year. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I hear you about simplifying! I think most of us really becoming aware of needing to do that or do more of that! As you continue to gain your health, rest in the grace the Lord gives you for each day!

    PS I have neglected to mention that I love the newly designed website. I enjoy each time I stop, but failed to tell you after you had it updated.

  3. Barbie, allow your healing to be slow and complete. You’ve heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” well neither is a good, balanced life — slow and steady wins the race every.single.time. xo

  4. Isn’t it ironic that simplifying is hard work? Sigh. But it is. Praying your new year goes well for you, Barbie, in both the small and simple things and the large and complex ones.

  5. I love your random thoughts, Barbie. I especially love what you write about being more open and honest about depression and anxiety – “Just knowing I am vulnerable and prone to this is helping me to reach out and grab hold of my healing.” I remember how much I used to fight needing an antidepressant, but finally I realized I don’t have to feel ashamed about it. Just because I’m taking it doesn’t mean I don’t trust God. Some of us are more prone to depression. My mom battled with it all her life. You are making a difference in the lives of others with your honest and open thoughts! Thank you! Love and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, thank you so much. There are so many who struggle and we all need to stick together and know we aren’t alone. Blessings!

  6. Simplifying takes a lot of energy for sure. We’re in the middle of a move and have really had to admit at just how much STUFF we have…ready to simply in so many areas of my life this year!

  7. I love your random thoughts. Never underestimate the power of your words. Someone is going to need to hear what you wrote today.

    You keep doing you because you do you the best. Love you!

  8. Oh Barbie, I am so thankful that you are beginning to feel better! You are so right that this road to simplifying and self-care is hard work! I easily get discouraged also, when I look at how small the progress seems to me. But I am so thankful that God does not judge with that same kind of measure, and He is looking at our hearts! And reading His Word every day, no matter how small, is such a help to us, isn’t it? Blessings and Love to you!

    • His Word is life and it helps to keep me focused on the positive, on His goodness and all of my many blessings. Thank you for being here.

  9. Great random, not so random, thoughts, Barbie – I definitely see a theme here, my friend! God is meeting you where you are as you step out in faith. Good for you!

  10. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable in this crazy internet world are refreshing – and encouraging! So glad you shared your thoughts today…and that your light is shining:) Loved that thought! I always love your list of beauty. Too often, I fail to see/recognize and then appreciate the “little things”….like my Keurig! Love it! Have a wonderful week!

  11. Barbie, you are right. Simplifying is HARD WORK especially when things have piled up for so long. But baby steps will do it. It might not seem like it at first but if we can keep on with the baby steps we will eventually see progress.

    Blessings to you! Thank you for sharing your heart and hosting this linkup!

  12. I’ve been learning that it’s okay to delegate things that other family members could do for me. Maybe someone you love could take the bags from your bedroom floor and drop them off for you at the thrift shop? Then you could breathe a sigh of relief and maybe find the energy to start another baby step toward decluttering.
    You are loved. Hang in there, dear sister! 🙂

  13. One post I read near the beginning of the year talked about “micronutrients” in God’s Word, the idea being that we think we have to be “all or nothing” with our devotional time, but it’s better to read a little than nothing at all.

    I’ve thought that, too – that it sure doesn’t seem simple to simplify, and in fact, it takes a lot of work. I’ve realized, too, it’s not a destination: I’ll always be evaluating my schedule and my “stuff.” That helps me not get frustrated that in a sense it’s never completely done. But one project, one closet, one area at a time, we make progress.

  14. I’ve started simplifying around these parts: cleaned out a closet and purged bookshelves over Christmas vacation and then organized and culled the game closet this weekend with the help of my youngest son. It feels SO good, but there’s so much left to do! Never ending projects!

  15. Barbie,
    Joining with you in wanting to simplify. Truly if I have people in my life who love me, I am blessed. I need to slow down and enjoy them and quit clinging to what the world would have me cling to. Cheering for you as you shared your struggles with depression and anxiety. I think the more we talk openly about this (especially those of us who live with it) the stigma will disappear and we can help others.
    Blessings to you friend,
    Bev xx

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