I Am No Victim // Glimpses Link Up — 33 Comments

  1. Barbie you are so spot on! I love this song too, especially the lyrics “I am no orphan / I’m not a poor man / The Kingdom’s now become my own / And with the King I’ve found a home” It is so easy even as females to feel like we are already at a disadvantage in certain ways, and then when we are hurt we can just put the blame on everyone or everything else. Such a poor and losing way to go about life, when the truth is we are alive in Christ and have been given the keys and need to claim victory in Jesus name 🙂 Well now you’ve gone done and fired me up lol… bless you Barbie!

    – Christy

  2. That victim mentality can sneak in so easily. Thanks for reminding us who we really are! Thanks, too, for hosting and reminding us with your list of all the things we have for which to be thankful.

  3. I love this song so much! Every time I hear it, I feel touched by God! 🙂
    It’s not just reviving. Not simply restoring. Greater things have yet to come!
    Joelyne xo

  4. Barbie, this is so encouraging and inspiring! What a gorgeous (new to me also) song with words that hit straight to the heart. After much spiritual attack this week, I think I might just have to make these reassuring thoughts my mantra: “But I am not a victim. I can walk forward in the freedom that is mine in Christ Jesus.” Amen! Oh to live into that truth and experience the full freedom Jesus came to bring us! Thank you, beautiful friend. xo <3

  5. Such a powerful song! Don’t you just love Bethel Worship?! I listen to them on Pandora all the time.
    Thank you for these freeing, life-giving words this morning, Barbie! Sometimes, we all could use a little reminder that we are not victims, or slaves. Great affirmation for today!

  6. Beautiful inspiration this morning, Barbie! I’m so thankful that God is whispering His truth to you in so many beautiful ways! Blessings on your week, dear one.

  7. Dear Barbie,
    Oh, yes I have been so blessed by that song also! When we can see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, it changes everything doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts on a dreary Monday morning. His Grace is so great towards us!

  8. Barbie,
    What an awesome song. It IS so easy to take on the victim mentality, but nothing is further from the truth. Christ has declared that we are not only conquerors…..we are MORE than conquerors through Him because He loves us so. Joining with you in claiming His promises.
    Bev xx

  9. Yes, we are no victims! Praise God! We need to be deliberate about renewing our minds with God’s Word continually, until we believe everything He has said about us. Thanks for this reminder, Barbie. Blessings to you.

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