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  1. Barbie, Thank you for sharing your heart. I hope you do know there is no shame in taking medication or seeking help even if you can get out of bed. You deserve to feel good. If your brain has a chemical deficiency and if meds help why not. Would you tell me to suffer through my spring allergies just because I could or would you suggest I take something to help me feel better so I could live the life God gave me to the fullest?

    I am so sorry you are filled with anger. We all go through bouts of that from time to time. Heck, even Jesus got angry. I found years ago my anger usually stemmed from something deeper. When my children were late home and I felt so angry usually the original emotion was fear. I found when I deal with the fear first it seems to be a better outcome for everyone.

    I hope I wasn’t too preachy. I just hate to see people suffer when they don’t need to. I watched someone I love suffer because they could tough it out for 20 years. Then the last 10 years they decided to give meds a try. What an amazing difference in made in their life and mine.

  2. I totally understand it is hard to know when its time for more help – and a visit to the doctor. Praying you will have the – wisdom. And I’m right there with the love – and appreciation – for oils. I sometimes still need the OTC but the oils are my first choice! Have a peace-filled week!

  3. Have you tried taking the Calm magnesium powder? I struggle with anxiety at times, and I feel like it is making such a difference. Also, taking a second to breathe in a citrus or peppermint type essential oil helps too. Love you! I really admire how even though life has been so up and down, you don’t give up but hold tightly to Jesus and trust Him. ❤️

    • Thank you Charis! I looked up this product on Amazon but there are so many. Please send me a link to the one you use. You can email to I am hoping to buy a diffuser soon so I can diffuse oils. Right now I only have the roll ons but love them so much.

  4. I agree with the others that you should go to the doctor. Just because it may not be as bad as others shouldn’t stop you from getting the help you need too. Love and prayers!

  5. Dear Barbie,
    Thank you for sharing your heart so honestly! I agree with those above, mainly because I’ve been there myself, and walked with my daughter through it also. After my diagnosis with fibromyalgia I went for counseling, and did not realize how badly I needed that help! I’ve chosen not to take medication for it because of the other heavy meds that I take for RA. But my daughter still remains on anti-anxiety medication, and she I often talk about the shame that is placed upon that. There should be NO shame in counseling or in medication. And, I was surprised to find that my husband’s insurance offered a program for 6 sessions of FREE counseling! I am praying for you dear sister! Gentle Hugs & Love!

    • Thank you BettieG. I am looking into starting a Celebrate Recovery group as well as making an appointment with my doctor soon. Being on Medi-Cal it’s so hard to get in, but I am going to make the effort.

  6. Barbie, I’m so proud of you for coming to us with your real story instead of just slapping something together to meet a deadline.
    Blessings to you as you seek wisdom for all these challenges. I do agree with Bev, Mary, and others that your struggle with depression deserves some more attention.

  7. Barbie- I also agree with Bev. Depression and anxiety are real and you deserve to have it checked out. It doesn’t matter if someone else seems to have it worse. God wants you to be healthy and whole too.

    I am praying for you as always but I am agreeing with all God is going to do in and through you.
    PS I suffer from anxiety and have been treating it for the last year with medication. It has made a huge difference.

  8. Barbie I understand nothing coming to our heads to write. Lifting you in prayer as you work through this depression. I think we can all go through periods of it at times because life can be hard. Staying in the Word or an on-line Bible study will get me back on track fast as well as counting those blessings like you are doing through Glimpses. Take some time for yourself. Find a friend to meet for lunch.

    I’m participating in a new study in April called Why Her. It’s a new book about comparison.

    • Thank you Debbie. I so look forward to my time friends. I am having a much needed meet up with a bestie this coming weekend. Your new study sounds interesting. Blessings!

  9. Barbie, I agree with Bev above. Our younger son has been shouldering a heavy load for the last few years and only just confided to us a couple of weeks ago that he is seeking help. Sometimes we need a wake-up call to remind us we’re not as strong as we think we are. And when those dark clouds don’t lift and self-help measures barely make them shift, it’s time to seek other avenues of support. My son’s inner angst and anger began manifesting itself outwardly and that revealed the need to get support for himself. It doesn’t have to be sedating medication because counselling and necessary me-time to unwind can also work wonders. Praying for you, my friend. May you discover the sheer relief that comes from addressing your inner needs. Blessings, love and hugs. xo

  10. Barbie,
    I know what it’s like when the grey glasses of depression and anxiety go on. I heartily recommend you don’t let it go unchecked….there is help. It is easy in those times to turn to emotional eating and it’s also hard to read the Word which helps to diffuse anger. I speak from experience. Praying for you and I could just use prayers as I try to keep up with running the Foundation and then having enough energy to squeeze in some writing. Exhaustion is my biggest adversary right now….thank you.
    Bev xx

    • Thanks so much Bev. It has been hard to read and absorb God’s Word. I am thankful for the scripture writing, which keeps the Word going in and gives me moments to pause and reflect. I am asking God to give you renewed strength my friend. Blessings!

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