Hope For The Weary // Five Minute Friday — 14 Comments

  1. Inadequate sleep does come with a price! Even with all the load that you bear….your posts are meaningful and even encouraging. Thanks for continuing to write. Praying the week ahead is a blessed one!!

  2. Wow! There certainly is a lot on your plate. But you do not have more than God can handle. Thank you for the reminder that women “our age” need sleep. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends—again. One day I’ll learn that I get more done throughout the day when I sleep at night. 🙂 So again, Thanks, I needed that!

  3. I love that scripture in Jeremiah. Age, pain and stress, life has all of it. Praying for you today. Sometimes relief is in telling our story. Thanks for sharing yours. And thanks for reading mine at #73.

  4. Hi Barbie – I appreciate your post (and thanks for stopping by my place today, too!). I can relate to that “lacks growth” feeling in my life right now too. But I look out my window and see the snow and think yes, but there are plants under the snow that are just waiting to burst forth in a few weeks. And the trees are bare but soon they’ll be full of leaves. So I guess I just trust (as you say) in God’s grace and in the knowledge that He is replenishing our souls all the time, even when it doesn’t look like it. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I appreciate your vulnerability.

  5. oh Barbie,
    I’m sorry that you are feeling so down. Certainly, you have hit one solution – rest. And I know that may mean less “me” time but in the end, you will have it if you let your body revive. Praying for a revival.
    #55 FMF

  6. i have been and often am there barbie. the scripture passage i included in my post is also an encouraging one. (i’m at #44) blessings as you sort out a way to bring balance to your life. in recent years it has been a struggle for me as well.

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