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Reflections – February 2018

February brought the start of a busy three months at the office. Working for a CPA, you can imagine how I am up to my eyeballs in paper. It’s tax time, which means busier days and longer hours for me.

Hubby and I celebrated the “love day” with flowers, a hand made card and words exchanged. We have to be creative when we lack the funds to celebrate as other couples would.  He actually went to bed early and I curled up on the couch with the dog to read a book.

The weather here in California has been quite cold, like in the 30’s in the early morning and mid-50’s during the day, which for us is COLD. So I’ve been bundling up and enjoying my coffee each morning.

Here are my February reflections. Enjoy!

Loving:  Watching my grandsons grow up. They will soon be 3 and 1. My daughter and son-in-law hope to move out soon. I will miss my grandbabies but am thankful they will be close by.

Planning:  My youngest daughter graduates from high school this year and we are in planning mode — pictures, announcements, party planning. I am so excited. Although my first two kids graduated, none of them walked, so you can image how thrilled I am to experience this for the first time.

Reading:   Last month I read a great book, Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off The Beaten Path, that had me thinking about slowing down and focusing on what matters most.  I’m also venturing into other genres and enjoyed a psychological thriller, A Cry From The Grave, which actually turned out to be really good.  There are a few sexual overtones, which I didn’t care for, but few enough that I could just skip right over them.

Listening to:  The steady beat of my heart. I’m beginning to notice when anxiety hits and my heart is beating too fast. At those time, I practice deep breathing and remind myself that God’s got this.

Shopping for:  A low cost essential oil diffuser.  They are so expensive, but Amazon has some really great ones for great deals. Although this one at Plant Therapy is on my wish list, I’m currently looking at this one.  If you have a recommendation for a low-cost diffuser, I would love to know.

Excited about:  The winter season is almost behind us, and spring is on the horizon. I love Spring. I think it’s my favorite season.  I can’t wait to wear capris and sandals.

Singing:  A new song my son and son-in-law wrote which will be on their album coming out in the summer. I am so proud of them and all that they do to further the Kingdom through music.

Learning:  I’m trying to stay in touch with my emotions, recognizing what sets me off, makes me upset, gets me down.  I’m learning to stay close to Jesus because emotions lie.

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Wishing (Praying) for:  Financial freedom.  God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He takes care of the sparrow, and I know He will take care of me.

Here is one of my favorite photos from Instagram last month:

I don’t take very many selfies, but I was trying to take one to send to a friend, but my husband stuck his face in there!

What reflections do you have to share from February?

6 thoughts on “Reflections – February 2018”

  1. Annette says:

    you have singers in your family? How cool is that! And it’s a good selfie that you. 🙂 I’ve heard a few good comments about Chasing slow. What did you like most about the book?

    1. Barbie says:

      Hi Annette. Yes, 3 of my 4 children are all worship leaders. My son is a songwriter and has written the majority of the songs on our first worship album produced by the church (of which my son-in-law) is the sound engineer and master mixer. I am blessed. So many things I loved about Chasing Slow, but most it just reminded me to take a step back and enjoy the little thing pursue those things that matter — faith, family, friends.

      1. Annette says:

        it is so good to remember to do that isn’t it?

  2. Charis says:

    I love your photobombed selfie! And I emailed you a pic of the Calm drink I use. I make homemade cards every love day! I like it better… maybe because I grew up that way. Bill got me flowers from Safeway, and we used a giftcard we got from Christmas to actually go to dinner… well but did the day after because I didn’t know you had to call weeks in advance to get in anywhere since we never go out for it! We always watch our nieces and nephews and have a big game night with them, but no one was in town this year! totally was missing them.

  3. Barbie says:

    Thank you for sending the link and picture. I hope to purchase soon and try it out. Have a beautiful weekend Charis!

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