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  1. Dear Barbie: As a Catholic Christian, I have placed all my problems (and there are many) – my cancer; my husband’s stroke, ventilator dependency, and death 18 months later; as well as anxiety and all the rest, at the foot of Jesus on the cross. Jesus knows every pain and emotion, depression and anxiety we feel. He knows everything. Pray on His agony in the garden where His Spirit was willing, but His flesh was weak about accepting the Father’s will for Him. Our Spirits are willing but our flesh is weak, too, and He knows. Pray, too, about His carrying of the cross and how He needed the help of Simon the Cyrenian, and how we need the help of our Lord and those He places before us. As for Scripture, I have had particular blessings from Jer 29:11-14 and I Peter 5:10. God Bless!

  2. Hi, Barbie! I hope you are feeling better! 🙂 Sometimes we just have to push through the mundane, and we’re still serving God. His promise was not that life would be exciting, but that He would give us abundant life in Him. Just keep abiding in Him, and let Him wrap you in His arms and carry you close to His heart. You’re doing great, sister!

  3. Spring only lasts about a minute here in Texas so I’m happy to hang on to winter a little longer. I am, however, saying a prayer for you in your exhaustion and rut. Praising God for his answer and for using you. So glad to find your link-up.

  4. Praying for your right now! I am so sorry you are in this season. Praying with the end of tax season, a little more time for yourself, God and what ever else you might need that this darkness will be lifted from you. Hang in there. Maree

  5. Glad you found time to post. I always enjoy them. Praying that God answers your cries soon! So beautiful that you find glimpses of beauty even on the exhausting days! Yeah for new pedicures:)

  6. Sweet friend, it is so hard to go through these seasons of dim light and lack of understanding. Feeling far from God. It’s so important to hold on to His promises. They are true and will never fail. I’m so thankful He continues to give you glimpses of Himself during this time. Praying that you will continue to put one foot in front of the other. You are loved by many, most importantly, you are loved by Him.

  7. This is a rough time of year. Hopefully things will settle down when tax season is over and you can rest. I love the promises of spring that God plants to give us home when it seems it will never come.

  8. I think so many of us are where you are, Barbie. Maybe not with tax season overload as a player but LIFE is going fast. I am desperate for the change that selling our home will bring and yet here we are. Let’s be faithful to pray for one another. OK?

  9. Dear Barbie, I love your graphic and quote for this post: “There are promises of spring that bloom in the winter season.” Oh yes! I long for those promises too. In the darkness when nothing else seems to help, Jesus does hold out those small glimmers of hope. You are in my prayers, dear friend! May you feel Him holding onto you still.

  10. Barbie, I have to agree with Bev that exhaustion feeds depression and other negative emotions. But I also wanted to recommend a book by Robert Somerville. The title is “If I’m a Christion, Why Am I Depressed?” I think you might find it very helpful. Joni Eareckson Tada said this about the book, “Some people say that Christians should never be depressed. I take issue with that, being a quadriplegic who has battled cancer and struggles daily with pain. I love my Savior, am passionate about His Gospel, and enjoy the ministry He has given me. But that does not exclude me from occasionally stumbling into the miry pit of dark emotions. I enthusiastically endorse this book and recommend it to pastors, families, leaders, and Christian counselors!” If you decide to read it, I’d love to know what you think.

  11. Oh, Barbie, some seasons of life are just to be gotten through, and I think tax season is one of them. Looking forward to hearing your heart sing when you come out on the other side and step into the light!

  12. Barbie,
    Exhaustion feeds anxiety and depression like none other. As much as you can, be good to yourself and be easy on yourself right now. You don’t have to tackle the tough questions when you are depleted. God love’s you just for being YOU!
    Bev xx

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