When You Can’t Find Your Way Back — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Barbie—Thanks for sharing your life with us. Please don’t go away totally! We all understand the need to lay down the link up. I pray that you will be refreshed, renewed, and most of all know that you are loved!

  2. Dear Barbie, I thank you so much for being so honest here in this place. Whether you realize it or not you have encouraged us by sharing your heart. I pray that God will wrap you in His loving arms and bring you healing and peace and guidance. May you find rest and have time to immerse yourself in God’s word and in His love. Thank you for hosting this linkup. It has been a great place. If God leads you to something else and you don’t restart the linkup, we will all have the memories of the encouragement we found here. Much love with many blessings!

  3. Thanks for your transparency today. That speaks volumes to me about who you are. We are listening, but the Lord heard all of that as well and His love for you will certainly lead your choice about blogging. I also wanted to add that you are never lost to Him. He is the Good Shepherd and He always knows where you are. The enemy might try to make you feel as if you are lost, but God sees you right where you are. Trust Him in the midst of all this and do what you are led to do to allow Him to take care of you and bringing healing and hope to you once again.

  4. Dear Barbie, Please don’t feel bad about needing to take a break! I know that Jesus has called me to come away with Him, and to lay things down during this season I am in also. Some things go, and others return, but all the while it is Jesus who is holding onto us! I am praying so much for you, dear sister. Your honesty and openness is so encouraging–may the Lord bless you for sharing with all of us so many, many times!

  5. Barbie,
    I stopped and prayed for you this morning. I have no doubt; God has something good in store for you. However, maybe it will look different. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable with us.

    Thank you for hosting your wonderful linkup as long as you did. I was so glad to find it. You will be missed but I a hoping our paths will cross.

    Tax season is hard and stressful all by itself. Blogging is time consuming even when its once a week. Sometimes we need me time so God can redirect and heal us. Healing or managing a struggle takes work and time. I am glad you are stepping back.

    Who knows what he might have in store for you. I had to step out of preparing taxes something I loved to care for someone else. Then of all things, God led me to write and a ministry for families with a loved one with mental health challenges. Never what I planned or dreamed but love.

    God loves you he will show you the way. I hope you do have a group that will come alongside you with support.

    Blessings and prayers for you,

    I am not sure if I have subscribed. I just always come here on Monday. I would love to be subscribed, so I know when you are back.

  6. I pray that taking a break from the blog will bring a season of refreshing for you, Barbie. You won’t be forgotten! May you find this to be healing and freeing.

  7. Thank you, Barbie, for sharing your heart here with such honesty. I think you are wise to take a break from the stress of a weekly linkup and just let the healing happen as God continues to work. I do hope you will continue to find grace to write as He leads you.
    Blessings and love to you!

  8. Barbie,
    Sometimes we ALL need to take a break because life just gets too overwhelming. Having suffered from anxiety and depression, there have been days, weeks, months that I could barely pour a bowl of cereal let alone write for others. Its OKAY to step back and take care of YOU. You matter to us and if some one on one time with God loving on you is what you need, then so be it. Go to the well. Go to His Word and crawl into His loving lap of love. He cares about you and wants to see you whole! We do too!
    Love and ((hugs)) sweet friend,
    Bev xx

  9. Barbie, sometimes it’s time to take a step back and take care of ourselves. This is that time for you. Lean into Him and let Him renew you as only He can. We’ll be here when you come back.
    Praying for you friend,

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