Day 5 {Share} – Finding My Way Back — 12 Comments

  1. These words were very timely for me today, Barbie. I found them encouraging for the writing Journey I’m currently on. Especially love the part about “bleeding our hearts and souls”. That is definitely how it has felt sometimes.

  2. So much THIS: “As writers, we share our words, but we bleed our hearts and souls.” Beautiful and true! I’m in the 40 spot this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing from a place of vulnerability and honesty. That really does make a difference to your readers. We really are encouraged and grow. And this reader is giving you love and acceptance.
    And I love that you make it easy to tweet. So, I did so.

  4. So true we have to share our vulnerabilities with others in order to truly be real to them. I’m such an optimist that I try not to even notice my troubles myself so this is pretty challenging for me.

    • It can be a challenge to be vulnerable at times. I often have to put myself in check and make sure I’m not just having a pity party. Have a blessed week Sharon.

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