Day 9 {Inspire} – Finding My Way Back — 11 Comments

  1. I have struggled over the past couple of years to find inspiration for writing. I think much of it was exhaustion from health issues and caregiving. I’ve been more inspired lately to write again as I’m navigating grief. The one thing I would have thought would make me want to write less has actually opened up the writing channels again. I’m thankful for your words, Barbie and for sharing your writing journey with us.

  2. I’ve heard the “Just write,” it before and I’m sure that’s right. It is easier said than done. What helps me is having a challenge. I challenge my son to write 10 hours during the month 600 minutes and the winner had to give the other one a $25 Amazon card. I’m still waiting for my card! But that’s how I ended up being in the Write 31 days this month. Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. I love this and yes –there are most definitely times when I lack words… when inspiration isn’t stirring in me. Some of those times, I give myself a break and stay quiet… but most times, I give myself a little time and pray and grab a journal and write anyway… Sometimes those writings are just between God and me… but sometimes they do end up leading to a blog post or a poem, etc.

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