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  1. Beautifully expressed. I can see into your feelings that come from so much introspection. I have been right there with you at times in my life. Aren’t you glad God doesn’t have mood swings? In fact, God will pursue you forever. He loves you immeasurably and unconditionally.

  2. Good thoughts on making things better. I’ve meditated a lot on Psalm 63 this year. Right in the middle it says, “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” Praising God gives us better vision!

  3. Barbie, though I don’t comment much, I read every single blog you post still. You have and always will be so dear to my heart. I would I’ve to have coffee with you again when I am down that way or you are up here. Love you my friend- you will come out of this season leaning on your Beloved. 😘

    • Charis, thank you so much. You don’t know how much this encouraged me. I would LOVE to have coffee with you. I would drive up to Redding to visit over a weekend. Seriously!

  4. Oh, friend! I am praying for you! You are not alone… many are walking the wilderness road and finding similar things that would (maybe) make things better. Baby steps in the right directions! You’re doing great!

  5. Barbie, it’s good to stop in. I enjoyed reading your words (I didn’t get on until spot 50 this week…man I was late!) Anyways, perhaps this year we can learn together to not just exist anymore eh?

  6. I love this, Barbie and I can so identify with you, esp. with the clutter. Right now we have 6 adults living in our home. Up until recently it was 7 and then 8 for a short time. I love the Marie Kondo way. I bought her book a few years ago and started in my room, then other things took my attention and I haven’t gotten back to it. Recently, my husband even watched a couple of episodes on Netflix with me and he’s ready to declutter. Her method helps to break it down into categories so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Blessings to you, dear Barbie! xo

    • I’ve been watching her Netflix show and it’s what finally got me motivated. Made much progress in my room this weekend. My goal is to declutter my entire home this year by end of October. Thank you for stopping by Gayl!

  7. Thanks for your honesty, Barbie! Praying you know peace and healing and God breathing new life into those broken places. PS I love the new design of your blog!

  8. You’ve got this. You’ll go back to church when you’re ready. I just recently heard about the Marie Condo method. I’m over in the 30 spot.

  9. Barbie, thank you for being transparent in your post. I have been in the wilderness time and time again. Right now it feels like I’m walking the border and after reading this, I know the reality is that I don’t want to be there. I too want to be better. To rest in the grace and mercy of God’s plan for me. It’s just hard. So very hard. I’m praying for you. May God bless you for your faithfulness to share hard stuff. You are a blessing.

  10. You’ve really captured an almost response to my post! I wrote mine, came here and am literally sitting here saying “yep… that about sums it up!”
    I appreciate your honesty!

  11. Dear Barbie, First time I’ve read your blog but I’m glad I did. I’ve felt, and no doubt will feel again, so many of the things you describe – that being stuck in a rut, that list of things I know would help and yet so little energy to attempt them, that desire to have things go back to normal especially after trauma or grief. all those ‘shoulds’ I should do to make things better!
    I’ve had a tough year and am still climbing up from it. I hope 2019 will be better. And yet, and yet. I can see so much growth from it – for me and my family, even though it has been (and continues to be) so painful. And God has walked so closely through it with us.
    I keep thinking of the Prodigal Son: how he turned back towards home but his father, watching out for him, came running out to meet him. Or the paralysed man, whose friends carried him to Jesus and dug through the roof to get to Him.
    So I want to encourage you not to set too many ‘shoulds’ for yourself but let those who love you carry you for a while if you need it, and just look for God coming running to meet you or maybe He’s already right next to you, holding onto you and loving being with you.
    He might not get things back to normal for you – He might have something new (and better) in mind. That’s certainly been my experience.
    Much love sister.
    PS I haven’t written my post for FMF yet but will do later this weekend

    • Liz, thank you for stopping by. And thank you so much for your encouragement. Looking forward to visiting your blog soon.

  12. Oh, My Goodness, Barbie! It has been a year – with equal highs and lows! It sounds like we are in much the same place – trying to find that sweet spot with God in the middle of the uncomfortable and challenging! Praying you declutter what needs decluttering, that you find peace in the overflow (I watch my grandson 3 times a week – it is such a blessing but, whew – it’s harder for me to find time to let my brain process to write. God’s got this, though. I don’t have to figure it out – I just have to take one step at a time, one day at a time! In trust that if we both keep reaching – we’ll find ourselves exactly where God needs us to be!

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