There Is Joy In The Journey — 7 Comments

  1. Way to go Barbie!!! There IS joy in the journey!!! My joy on that day #3 were 1) my 20-year old grandson coming over so I could “help” him make a Valentine’s card for his girlfriend!! I can remember times when I would be helping him make one for his mom!!! And, that changed the rest of my day…then later, 2) watching America’s Got Talent; a very special 12 year old girl from Germany who trains and shows about 5 or 6 dogs!!! She was “pure joy” to watch; had me smiling and laughing and so happy to see her!! The audience and judges thought so too; in fact, it’s one of the judges that called it Pure Joy! Keep up the writing, Barbie!!!

  2. Bravo for you, Barbie! You are worth treating yourself well ❤️. I’ve been on a weight-loss-better-health journey, too. My triglycerides were really high, even though I exercised regularly and ate vegetarian. I’ve been eating differently now since May, and I notice the difference (and my triglyceride levels are much better).

  3. Barbie, I like your approach to gaining better health. My joy came when I realized I only had to please myself. It may have been a marathon but I was not in the race. Slow weight loss equaled permanent weight loss for me. One moment of joy happened when I was on a flight to Baltimore. I put the tray table down and realized it did not hit my stomach. I wanted to cheer out loud but managed to keep it to myself.

  4. Barbie, your journey is encouraging me to make better choices in my eating habits, to stop when I’m full rather than keep on eating just because it tastes good. I think my main problem is sticking with it long enough to see results. Your results after 5 months are inspiring to me. I need to make it a priority to lose the extra weight so that I will feel better. How well I know the feeling of it being so hard to cut toenails! Thank you for sharing your journey. Love and hugs and blessings to you, dear Barbie!

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